Red Rock Canyon Classic Pink Jeep Tour


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Enjoy the natural beauty of nearby Red Rock Canyon. Sites include the fossilized sand dunes of the brilliantly colored Calico Hills. Save the most when you book online today.

Reserve before: 2022-04-22

A short ride from Las Vegas is the Red Rock Canyon, a quick get-away from the noise and lights of the Strip.  The expert tour guide and Pink Jeep driver will take you to the visitor center to peruse the exhibits, the desert tortoise habitat and gift shop.  Then it’s on to the Wilson Cliffs, 3000 foot sandstone walls and beautiful panoramas.  The views include the Spring Mountain Range and Calico hills.  Visit Red Rock Bluff for  water-colored landscape views worthy of a picture.

Price Range: $102 and up

Approx. 4 hrs,

Unlimited complimentary bottled water

3+, under 6 or 60 lbs require car seats

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