Experience the best view of Vegas from the basket of a hot air balloon. This sunrise tour spends about one hour in the air while seeing the Strip, Red Rock canyon and other sites in the Las Vegas Valley. The entire excursion lasts about 3 hours with the time needed for inflating and prepping the balloon to the ride itself and then the après champagne and cheese snack!

Be sure to pack your camera and get ready for some of the most amazing sunrise shots while floating 500 – 1000 feet in the air. The peace and beauty of nature will overwhelm you as your float serenely among the clouds. You may have nervous butterflies before ascending, but the flight is so smooth and exhilarating soon those butterflies are dancing with excitement! Once the ten story high balloon inflates you will ascend to the heavens in this romantic once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The tour concludes with a champagne toast and snack to celebrate your adventure.

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