Zombie Burlesque

Location: Planet Hollywood , Club Z
Ages: 16 years of age or older
Show Times: Monday-Saturday at 8 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Sunday

A zombie musical set in the atomic age of 1958, Zombie Burlesque is a comedy with a live band, two singers, many zombie dancers, and an emcee that brings the audience into the performance.

Enter the zombie nightclub and experience the classic burlesque, singing, and dancing of the hottest zombies in town. The show takes place in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas at Club Z, circa 1958, where sexy zombies perform top-notch singing and dancing routines accompanied by a live band, variety acts, and a comedy show.

If you like hot with a hint of undead, this is the show for you! Enjoy dance numbers from ballet to break dancing! The venue is small and works perfectly for this show. Whether you are a fan of zombies or burlesque, this is the show for you! If you sit in the front, be prepared to “volunteer” for some of the numbers.

  1. Crazy Funny & So Much Talent!
    - October 26, 2018

    This show is so hilarious and entertaining! I laughed the entire time. All the performers ooze talent and it’s not over the top raunchy like you’d think. It’s very playful and cute. I would definitely go see it again!

  2. Freaking Good
    - July 30, 2015

    I’m a zombie fanatic, so my wife bought us tickets. It was a really cool musical and a little raunchy, but tastefully done. IT was so cool, the only time I can say I would watch a ballet.

  3. Great Zombie Experience
    - June 23, 2015

    This was such a great show! It was a zombie musical with just enough raunchiness. Can it get any better than that? The performers were so talented. The zombie ballet dance was my absolute favorite! If you’re into zombies, this is a must see!

  4. absolutely fantastic
    - November 4, 2014

    The show was great! Packed with comedy. Our group of 6 enjoyed every minute of the show. I would absolutely see it again.

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