The Mentalist

Location: Planet Hollywood , V2 Theatre
Ages: Must be 13 and older, under 18 with an adult only
Show Times: Thursday-Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Wednesdays

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Reserve before: 2022-01-12

Gerry McCambridge is entertaining, amusing, and suspenseful in his Vegas show “The Mentalist.” He reads minds and predicts the outcomes of various audience participation situations. Humor and magic intertwine in this live performance of mind reading and illusion.

World-renowned mentalist Gerry McCambridge offers a mind-boggling experience that is highly entertaining and fun. His mind-reading of various audience members will astound and confound you! His ability to predict outcomes that seem so random and unpredictable will amaze you!

Without a bad seat in the theater, virtually every audience member can become part of the show. You will be baffled by the skill with which he can reveal intimate details known only to you. He can predict telephone numbers chosen randomly from the phone book or the order in which numbered balls will be tossed into a basket! When all is said and done, you will be scratching your head over how he did all the “tricks.” But this is no trick—this is The Mentalist!

  1. Family Fun!
    - August 17, 2015

    This show is good for a variety of ages and we all loved the full audience participation! Gerry seems so awesome and really wowed my family!

  2. Great Fun
    - June 26, 2015

    This show was great. It was suitable for all ages. Gerry seems to be a very friendly person. He is so professional and makes everything look so real. It’s truly incredible. I recommend seeing this one.

  3. Insainity
    - September 18, 2013

    This man knows exactly what he is doing! A full audience participation show! This is Mind Boggling Stuff! I feel like this man may just be the most talented man on the planet! Go to see this show, you will not be disappointed!

  4. Venue Management Stinks!
    - September 18, 2012

    Got to the show and hour early and was directed to their bar to wait. All of us who arrived early got to watch as the latecomers entered first. Totally sucks since we all had general admission tickets and got there purposely early to get good seats. I’m quite steamed!!!

  5. Decent show
    - August 16, 2011

    We were able to take our 13 yr old to the show. She was fascinated by Gerry and it kept her in awe. We were entertained too. It was decent show. The drinks were really expensive.. over $18 each. One time is enough to see this show. Wouldnt go see it again like alot of Vegas shows.

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