Michael Jackson One

Location: Mandalay Bay
Ages: 5 years of age or older; anyone under 18 with an adult only
Show Times: Thursday-Monday at 7 p.m.; additional 9:30 p.m. show on Friday & Saturday
Blackout Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday, plus Oct 11 & Oct 29, 2021

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Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil is a brilliant celebration of the man, the music, and the myth. The lighting, sound, visual, and performance effects are all larger than life. Reserve your tickets now for Michael Jackson ONE and save. Rates start at $94/ticket before fees, taxes, and discount.

Reserve before: 2022-01-07

The newest Cirque du Soleil extravaganza stars the music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in an all-new state-of-the-art visual and audio experience. The storyline follows four misfits who personify Michael’s agility, love, courage, and playfulness.

The long-awaited collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and the Michael Jackson Estate comes to life at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson One is the story of four misfits who set out on an adventure and become transformed. The show is a discovery of the artistic genius of Jackson, and the misfits personify his agility, playfulness, love, and courage. Michael’s message of “We Are All One” is the guiding force of this production.

Michael Jackson is not a character in this show, but rather the over-reaching influence of his music, message, and love is the show’s theme. The show takes the multi-faceted musical styles and art forms for which Michael was famous and melds them into a journey of transformation. Cirque du Soleil embraces the creative challenge and uses cutting-edge technology to produce a distinctive theatrical experience that would make the King of Pop proud.

  1. SUBJ1
    - April 2, 2020

    Absolutely amazing show. My first show and first Vegas trip this was by far our favorite. Our group of 5 could not stop talking about it.

  2. Dissapointing
    - October 26, 2015

    Expected so much more for a cirque show. Music was way too loud. More was not better with regard to sound system. Best part was thriller performance and hologram of MJ in never land.

  3. Best on vegas!
    - June 26, 2015

    Everything came alive in the performance. I absolutely loved the songs and performing. Such great dancing, I’m in awe still!

  4. Spectacular Show
    - May 30, 2015

    We absolutely loved this show! The music sounded excellent. Jalles Franco sure did sound identical to MJ. The effects added so much to the performance. The cast members were highly energetic and had great dance moves. If you liked MJ, you’ll be impressed with this show.

  5. Don't miss this show!
    - April 14, 2014

    A must see show for any Michael Jackson fan.

  6. The Best
    - March 16, 2014

    Best musical experience in LV.

  7. Awesome
    - December 23, 2013

    Everything wonderful, the best of the best,amazing show, sound,performance is great.

  8. it was fantastic
    - September 11, 2013

    We could have sat down and watched it again. Brilliant.

  9. Michael Jackson Lives
    - September 10, 2013

    This show had me at the edge of my seat and left me in awe of everything that I saw! I had no clue what to expect next and each time I was more surprised than the last! The acrobats and gymnasts performance were spectacular! The soundtrack made everything come alive – Great Performance!

  10. Excellent show!
    - September 5, 2013

    Worth the extra money. We saw other shows which were great. But this was a fantastic production!

  11. Best show ever !!!
    - June 9, 2013

    This show was AMAZING !!!!! Worth every penny I paid for the tickets.

  12. - June 4, 2013

    Great sound system. Great performers. Great visual effects. Hope to see it again soon!!

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