Location: MGM Grand , Grand Garden Arena
Ages: All ages; 4 and up must have a ticket, under 3 may sit on a lap
Show Times: Monday, Thursday-Sunday at 7 & 9:30 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday

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Jabbawockeez is a faceless dance crew. In white masks and gloves, the Jabbawockeez create visual representations of music. You've got to see this! Rates start at just $63 before fees and taxes. No minimum purchase required.

Reserve before: 2022-04-24

Book your tickets direct at the MGM Box Office and save. See Jabbawockeez from $20 before fees and taxes when you book online now.

Reserve before: 2022-04-30

The cutting-edge dance crew Jabbawockeez mixes elements of theatre with hip-hop dancing to create a performance that showcases their raw talent while donning all-black outfits and white masks.

Forming in 2003, the Jabbawockeez made their breakthrough in 2008 after winning MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Since then they have received global attention and appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials.

The Jabbawockeez perform routines in amazing synchronicity and don all-black outfits with white masks – not to conceal their true identity, but rather to keep audiences focused on their performance as a group instead of individuals. Their cutting-edge, hip-hop dance style and expressive, theatrical performances are what sets them apart and make Jabbawockeez one of the best-choreographed dance shows Las Vegas has to offer.

Their show at MGM Grand is a breathtaking mix of the talents that originally got them noticed, as well as routines featuring normal human interactions broken down into performance pieces that use elements of their hip-hop and breakdancing to tell the story without words. The brilliance of a Jabbawockeez performance has to be witnessed in person to truly understand what it is that makes these performers and this show so special – you won’t be disappointed.

  1. super
    - July 7, 2018

    Really spectacular multi media show. I was a little disappointed how they turned it into comedy variety show. I was really wanting to see the story telling and mellowed drama show that I saw on tv; Other than that it was good.

  2. Great dancers!
    - June 24, 2015

    This show is so good! Their performance was great, and they really impressed me. Very creative group of guys, that’s for sure.

  3. phenomenal
    - November 8, 2013

    Jabbawockeez once again put on a spectacular show full of great music,laughs and talented dance routines. All around phenomenal show

  4. So I KNOW they can Dance!
    - September 10, 2013

    Very Upbeat! Hard to sit still because you want to starting moving along with the show! Jabbawockeez takes popular songs and puts together an AMAZING dance that is choreographed precisely for that specific song! You have to see this to believe it! It is an Amazing Performance!

  5. Good show!
    - September 5, 2013

    It is worth the money if u can get discounted tickets. I would not have paid full price.

  6. Lots of fun
    - July 30, 2013

    Really enjoyed the show. For the price it’s a great show. Kept my attention throughout its entirety. For people dancing its really alot of fun. These boys are talented!

  7. Exciting and enjoyable
    - June 16, 2013

    I was really impressed with their skills and performance, they kept me interested the entire show.

  8. Boring
    - May 28, 2013

    Invest your money in a better show.

  9. Great Show - Get There Early
    - October 2, 2012

    Jabbawockeez do not disappoint. Get there early, there is a Jabbawockee clowning with the audience.

  10. loved it
    - July 18, 2012

    I love the show I would pay to see it all over the only thing they did not show there face like in other shows but other then that it’s amazing

  11. very creative
    - November 13, 2011

    What a creative show!! It was cool how the stage would be dark and then all of a sudden they would appear. then poof then would fade out. Great tricks. Great show!

  12. Ah a good show
    - September 4, 2011

    Eine lustige Nacht in Las Vegas! Wir waren begeistert von der show!

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