Black Magic Live

Ages: 21 years of age or older
Show Times: Thursday-Sunday at 8:30 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Monday-Wednesday

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First word... Washboard. Second word... Abs. But, the sexy dancers in Black Magic have more than that. They also have sculpted shoulders, massive biceps and dance moves that ... Well, you won't want to miss this! Save with an online booking to see the only all-male, all-black revue in Vegas.

Reserve before: 2022-01-01

Save up those dollar bills and drop in to see a little Black Magic at the Embassy Nightclub.

Bringing the sizzle to Vegas in the city’s first all African-American revue, Black Magic Live is the pet project of Vivica Fox. These talented hunks are the best exotic male dancers the country has to offer; they were selected on the Lifetime show “Vivica’s Black Magic” just for this reason. Check out the washboard abs, sculpted shoulders, and pulsing biceps, and bring your dolla bills. Bring LOTS of dolla bills!  The routines are seductively choreographed, and the men can sing, dance, and woo you with their moves. The men from the TV show are not guaranteed to be there, but the talent and the black magic are still there.



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