Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows

Location: Alexis Park , Pegasus Showroom
Ages: 16 years of age or older
Show Times: Thursday-Sunday at 4 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Monday-Wednesday

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Witness mysterious happenings and mesmerizing illusions as mentalist Alain Nu entertains captive audiences.

Heralded as one of the world’s foremost mentalists, Alain Nu has performed around the globe, from cruise ships on the high seas to three U.S. presidential inaugural celebrations. The gifted performer also gained acclaim for his TLC miniseries, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.”

Prepare to have your mind blown (and read!) as Nu combines his fascination with hypnosis and phenomena to produce a spellbinding show that leaves audiences bewildered and amazed. Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows showcases the mentalist’s remarkable ability to read minds, predict the future and venture into the world of mysticism.

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