Celebrities Who Live in Las Vegas

Friday, 13 September 2013 by Blog Category: People of Vegas.

It’s not that hard to find famous people in Las Vegas: all you have to do is book a show. With some of music’s most legendary performers hitting the stage on any given night, it’s almost impossible to leave the city without seeing a star. But what about off the stage? Many famous people have made Las Vegas their home, either permanently or while working on an extended gig.

Here are some the celebrities you could possibly run into on the street, in restaurants, or while shopping. Keep an eye peeled, and don’t let the dark sunglasses fool you.

Celine Dion

She may be a famous Canadian, but songstress Celine Dion made Vegas her home in 2002, buying a house with husband René Angélil during her hugely successful five-year engagement at Caesars Palace. Now she’s back at Caesars, and with a contract that was extended until 2019, Las Vegas will be her family’s home base for several more years.

Donny and Marie

The popular brother-and-sister duo have been doing their little bit country/little bit rock-and-roll show at the Flamingo since 2008, so it’s no wonder Donny Osmond has proclaimed that the city of Las Vegas “really is my second home.” The Osmonds are contracted through most of 2013, and may extend their stay.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

Tennis great Andre Agassi was born and raised in Las Vegas before going on to win eight Grand Slams. He and his wife, a 22-time Grand Slam winner herself, live in Summerlin with their two children. Agassi opened a tuition-free charter school in his name for at-risk Vegas youth, and he and his wife are heavily involved in other local charity work.

Interview: Gray Cargill of VegasSolo.com

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 by Blog Category: People of Vegas.

Gray Cargill of VegasSolo.comGray Cargill: Solo travel blogger, writer, amateur photographer.
Location: South Burlington, Vermont
Blog: VegasSolo.com

Gray has been travelling to Vegas by herself roughly once a year since 2001. Her blog VegasSolo.com includes experiences and tips for Vegas goers.

Q: Do you always travel to Las Vegas by yourself?

A: Pretty much always. I have been there with my uncle and once with a friend of mine but most of my trips have been solo. I go everywhere by myself–I am a solo traveler. That’s what I have been doing since the late nineties. Why would Vegas be any different than anywhere else? I started (traveling solo) out of circumstance. I didn’t really have anyone to travel with, and I got sick of waiting for someone to travel with. When you feel like you have to go with someone else then you also have to wait for their schedule to free up and for them to have the money and for them to have the interest in the same destination that you do and that’s a lot of waiting and a lot of maybes. For me, I just like the freedom and flexibility of being able to go when it is convenient for me and where I want to go and do what I want to do.

Obviously there is a price difference. If you travel with somebody you can share costs. Solo travellers have to foot the entire bill themselves. My travel style might be different–maybe I don’t stay at the 4-5 star hotels all the time. I am pretty frugal in my everyday life though.

Q: Even though you go alone what is the social aspect of travelling alone

A: When I first started going I was rarely social. But it’s so easy to chat with people, you know, meet people casually, like 5 minutes here and there. My favorite icebreaker is if you’re in elevator or in a line just turn and ask “So are you winning?” Most people gamble and even if they are not gambling they will just tell you what they have been doing.