Casino Hotel Players Clubs

Monday, 29 July 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Casino players clubs have evolved over the years in a manner similar to the way the casino has evolved into a casino hotel & resort. Once used to track how much you gamble, players clubs can now track how much you spend in every area of a casino. Players club cards are now more similar to loyalty club cards at supermarkets than the slot club cards of yesteryear. Like other loyalty programs casino hotel players clubs offer various rewards and benefits based on how you spend your money.

Players clubs are a good deal for both the casino resort and the customer. Casino resort players clubs enable them to follow every dollar you spend on their property in exchange for comp points and discounts on the things you use at the resort. It’s a win-win. The casino bean counters can follow the dollars in exchange for discounts or free items on their property. The exchange creates mutual loyalty for both the customer and the casino hotel.

Not all casinos offer comps for all money spent but a few years ago The Venetian’s players club, Grazie, started to credit players club  accounts when for all money spent. Other players clubs in Las Vegas like Total Rewards and MGM Resorts’ MLife have since followed.

Football Season & Vegas Sportsbooks

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

It’s football season! We know this because a new pro football website,, debuted this week and because NFL teams begin training camp this week. The Hall Of Fame game will be the first NFL preseason game and that takes place on Sunday August, 4. The first regular season NFL game is a month later on September 5 with the following Sunday being the first full day of NFL football. It’s time to get busy planning Sunday’s for the rest of the year!

All sportsbooks are great.

Some sportsbooks in Las Vegas are better than others but the concept of hanging out, betting on games, watching all 8 to 15 of those games at once without paying a cover charge is undeniably great. Most people can’t do this at home and with sports fans from all over the country congregated in a small space, why would you want to? The fun in casinos always provides a good time but the camaraderie in the sportsbook is unlike any else you’ll find in any casino. For sports fans like me a Sunday in the sportsbook used to be one of the main reasons to visit Vegas.

5 Simple Steps for a Great Home Poker Game

Monday, 20 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Having your buddies over for a poker night? Tired of betting with matchsticks and fighting over the last remaining can of lager? Follow our five step plan to make your weeknight poker feel more like a bachelors weekend in Vegas.

Step 1 – The Cards
You can’t play cards without a deck, but not all decks are the same. Don’t use a set of old, beat-up playing cards as they just make you look cheap. Buy a brand new deck and break the seal in front of your friends for a professional touch, or invest in a set of more expensive – but far more durable – plastic playing cards for that true Vegas feel.

Step 2 – The Table
If you are using the dining table, make sure it is covered with a cloth that doesn’t rumple or catch the cards. Otherwise you are just going accidentally expose cards. If you can’t afford to buy an off-the-shelf poker table, there are many websites out there that show how you can cheaply build your own. At the very least, buy some nice felt to cover the dining room table with.

Venetian’s Sports Book A Must See – Review

Friday, 17 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

TV Screens at Venetians Sports BookIf you’re a sports fan and a gambling man, Las Vegas can seem like a sports bettor’s dream. On the famous Las Vegas Strip there is an amazing array of great casinos and hotels to choose from, and they all have some type of a sports book. That said, there are good sports books, bad ones, and the plain old average or even mediocre. The good news is that every so often there is a truly great sports book. The Venetian is one of those rare casino hotels on the Strip that can actually brag about having an absolutely fantastic sports book.

There are several reasons The Venetian Race & Sports Book operated by Cantor Gaming gets high grades. One is great free drink service. During some major sporting events you might be required to put down a certain bet level, but many patrons have reported that as long as the sports bettor is polite, they pretty much get as many free drinks as they want. The service is outstanding, the individuals taking bets are very polite, and the TV spread is fantastic. The “small” flat screen televisions on the side would make most men ecstatic if they had one in their house. The 3 large screens over six feet tall are just bonus.

Loose Slots in Hot Spots: Slot Machine Placement

Saturday, 11 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Enduring folk wisdom claims that slot machines near a casino’s entry door pay better than those deeper within. A former vice-president at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas once said that their entryway machines and those nearest the elevators paid more freely because they lured customers into not only visiting the casino, but staying overnight when they vacationed in Vegas.

Many people believe the casinos still adhere to such practices, but it may be an inaccurate perception. Early slot machines, also known as pokies, operated using mechanical reels and were vulnerable to fraud. Further, each reel originally held ten symbols on each of the three reels, allowing for a potential 1,000 possible outcomes. Because a jackpot spin would happen every thousand times it was played, jackpot sizes were also limited. Even though the number of symbols on each reel was more than doubled in later versions, the odds remained limited to about one jackpot payout for every 10,000 spins.

Downtown (Old Vegas) Gaming and Good Times

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 by Blog Category: Downtown - Old Vegas and Gaming.

Tourists that visit the Vegas strip are generally looking for fine dining, big name shows, awesome nightclubs with a little gambling here and there. The downtown Vegas crowd is different. Yes, there are good places to grab a bite downtown but you’re not going to find celebrity chefs posting up at The Plaza. Think about it this way; You’ll find the best $6 pancakes in the world at DuPar’s inside the Golden Gate Casino while you’ll probably find one of the best steaks at SW at Wynn Las Vegas. The difference is that the steak  will run you about $50 at SW. The choices of dining is subjective but the point isn’t. People that visit both parts of Vegas are different and that’s a great thing.

Let’s get technical for a minute. Gaming revenue still makes up the majority of income for Downtown Vegas casinos. This hasn’t been the case on the Vegas strip since 1999. If you visit a casino downtown you’ll see plenty of people gambling not waiting in line for a club. Some of those people are tourists in town to blow off steam, some of those are just playing there because they’re a little older and don’t feel comfortable being on the strip and some will be the smart gambler that knows where to find the best gambling odds.

The Strip’s Last Bargain Casino – Casino Royale

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas in the past year you may not know about the major transformation happening to

the Vegas strip. O’Sheas was closed last year so that Caesars Entertainment could build their open air mall area in the middle of the strip called The Linq. The Linq will open in December with a host of new shopping and dining options but without a casino. While new things to do on the strip are cool, low rollers that frequent Las Vegas have been saddened by losing one of their favorite dive casinos.

Play $1,300 Free with Las Vegas Slot Freeplay & Rebates

Saturday, 29 December 2012 by Blog Category: Gaming.

If you going to Las Vegas you don’t have to spend any money for a chance to win big.  All you need is some good old fashion slot promotions and a little luck.

$100 Free Slot Play at The Cosmopolitan: Play your favorites slots in our casino, and if you lose $100 in a day, we will reimburse you with $100 in Identity Play. Just bring your card to the Identity Membership Desk after your loss to receive your $100 in Identity Play. Players can receive $100 reimbursement one time only and the slot loss must be greater than or equal to $100 on that calendar date. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Available to new Identity enrollments only. Offer only redeemable once. Visit the Identity Membership Desk for more info. more info

$1,000 Slot Rebate at Palms: Participant’s actual rated slot loss up to $1,000 will be reimbursed in Free Slot Play. Loss must be within the first 24 hours of sign up. You must be a new Club Palms member 21 years of age or older in order to participate in this promotion. Residents of Clark County are not eligible for this promotion. Rebates are staggered over time see website for detailed scheduled. more info

$200 Slot Rebate at Tropicana: On the first day you activate your Trop Plus Players Club card, they’ll reimburse your losses on casino slots up to $200! It’s all part of there Even the Odds® promotion.  more info

For an up to date list of Las Vegas Coupons see our “Deals!” sections. Or if you have iPhone download Our app for even more promotions.

TIP: For a chance to play completely free I suggest you play only the amount the casino rebates.  Then use your comped play on low jackpot 25 cent machines.  This should give you the best chance to cash out with your full rebate amount.