Great Sports Bars on The Vegas Strip

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Football season is upon us! No matter how much I love baseball it’s no longer the national pastime it was when I was growing up. Football is the new national sports pastime. Football isn’t only the most popular sport in America but it makes up about 45% of all sports bets in Nevada. Furthermore, fantasy football is a multi-billion dollar business played by plenty of non-gamblers.

If there’s even a glimmer of excitement for an activity in Las Vegas the hotels and casinos will jump to make their customers happy. That’s part of what makes Las Vegas so great. Watching football is no longer constricted to sportbooks but it’s taking over bars. First let’s look at the current evolution of sports betting.

Best Karaoke Bars In Las Vegas

Thursday, 15 August 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Karaoke is fun for all involved but it’s not something that’s available at most bars throughout the country. It’s especially difficult to find a place to get up on stage in Las Vegas. When you sing at a karaoke bar, you’re the star. Most people in the bar are watching you. This means that everyone in the bar isn’t buying a drink for those 4 to 5 minutes. It’s understandable why many bars wouldn’t want to cater to karaoke. They want to make every penny they can. That said, there are a few places in Las Vegas where you can take center stage and sing your face off. That may be good and that may be bad. Here are the best karaoke bars in Las Vegas.

The most popular karaoke bar in Las Vegas is Dino’s Lounge. Dino’s may look like a locals dive bar but it’s much more than that. Like with many dive bars there is a rich history at Dino’s. What’s important for today is that Dino’s is the most popular karaoke bar in Las Vegas. Dino’s has the cheap drinks and good times you should expect from a dive karaoke bar. Like with many of the awesome bars and restaurants in Las Vegas you won’t find Dino’s in a casino. However, Dino’s is located close to the action at 1516 S. Las Vegas Blvd. It’s on the Vegas strip just north of Sahara but you’ll probably want to take a cab here unless you’re staying at the Stratosphere.

Planning High/Low trips in Vegas

Monday, 05 August 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Las Vegas is great for many reasons but one of the biggest benefits is that there are so many ways to experience the town. One of my favorite ways to experience Las Vegas has changed a little but not too much. Ever since I first visited Downtown Vegas I’ve enjoyed myself there. Downtown Vegas was, and still is, different than the Vegas strip and that’s part of the fun. The Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas offer different experiences and that’s something that should never go unappreciated.

Even though I had a great time in Downtown Vegas it wasn’t love – it was a strong like and my friends and I only wanted to stay for a little while. My friends and I started to plan high/low day(s) during our vacations. On high/low days we’d spend part of the day playing $3 blackjack and drinking cheap beer at El Cortez then we’d head back to the strip where we’d shower, suit up (or casually dress up), enjoy to a nice meal with a bottle of wine or two, play higher limits tables and venture into a club. This made our days diverse and a whole lot of fun. My friends and I have always been medium sized rollers and were as comfortable playing both high and low limits. Our tastes in everything are this way and days like this enable us to experience how the low and high rollers each did Vegas.

Most Indulgent Spa Services in Vegas

Thursday, 25 July 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

There are lots of reasons to go to Vegas, whether it’s for business, gambling, getting married, sightseeing, or shopping. While each type of travel plan is completely different, they all have something in common: no one wants to do any of them while stressed. Luckily for Vegas travelers, relaxation is around just about every corner in the form of some of the world’s best hotels and spas. Vegas spas offer luxury treatments and unique services you can’t always get elsewhere. Treat yourself to one of these spa experiences, and whatever your plans in the city, you’ll be ready for them with a relaxed body and clarity of mind.

Red Flower Hammam Experience at the Cosmopolitan

Sahra spa at CosmopolitanThe Sahra Spa & Hammam is built on the concept of ancient Turkish baths, which themselves evolved out of the luxurious bathing rituals favored by the Roman elite. You’ll feel like an emperor yourself upon entering the sandstone halls that lead to this oasis in the desert, complete with a monsoon rain cave. Sahra’s Red Flower Hammam Experience has several levels, and begins with basking on a heated stone slab before basins of water are poured over your body so slowly that they feel like gentle waves. A therapeutic anointing with eleven flower oils follows, then an exfoliating body scrub and a cardamom-scented wrap complete the treatment.

Gemstone Massage at Trump International Hotel

Trump hotel spa Las VegasThe Trump name has always signified over-the-top luxury, and the Spa at Trump continues that tradition. While hot-stone massages are a common spa service, the Spa at Trump offers a more rare experience: gemstone massages. In fact, the treatment is so rare, it’s only offered at four of the Trump hotels. The full-body massage uses oils that are some of the most exclusive in the world — even without the gemstones. Made with 100% essential oils (most massage oils are at most 20%, with the rest being carrier oil), the luxury oils are infused with crushed diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby. You can actually see the gemstones, which are then applied to your body in a one-of-a-kind treatment that is decidedly deserving of the Trump name.

7 Fun Activities for Kids in Las Vegas

Monday, 10 June 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

It’s an indisputable fact: kids love excitement. You shouldn’t be surprised when the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas dazzles your children just as much as it does you. In fact, taking your family to the famous city can be like taking them on a whirlwind trip around the world. From the jungles of Africa to the canals of Venice, here are 7 fantastically fun things to do in Las Vegas with your children.

#1) Feel Like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory

M&M's World Exterior M&Ms World
3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
(702) 736-7611

Small children will be dazzled by a place that seems like a chocolate wonderland, with four whole floors of visual stimulation. Located at the Showcase Mall, parents can reward their kids for being patient during a shopping excursion by ending it with a visit to a candy oasis. A highlight is the Rainbow Wall, covered with M&Ms in every color you can conceive (and maybe more). On the third floor is a wildly eclectic collection of M&Ms memorabilia, and the gift shop has unusual themed gifts from toys to purses made out of candy wrappers. It’s a true gem for the very little ones, and to make the deal even more sweet: it’s free.

#2) Be Awed by Man’s Creation

Hoover Dam Express TourHoover Dam
Visitor’s Center: Hwy 93 at Lakeshore Rd.
(702) 293-8906

Even the most cynical of your older children will be humbled in the presence of 3.2 million cubic yards of concrete, one of the greatest triumphs of engineering in the world. Stop at the overlook site and see the view from 727 feet in the air. Make a day of it by taking a rafting trip in the Colorado River, where you can spy ancient petroglyphs in the rocks as you float by. Don’t forget to stop at the Alan Bible Visitor’s Center, where multimedia exhibits about the dam’s construction will also provide a learning experience.

Just beyond the neon-lit, non-stop hustle of the city of Las Vegas lie some of the most breathtaking natural wonders the country has to offer. In fact, treasures await in every direction. Going west you can find the centuries-old sands of Death Valley. Drive north and view the multicolored peaks and spires of Zion. Or, for the mother of all photo ops, head east toward the Grand Canyon. How can you possibly decide which direction to go? This list will help you choose your path by narrowing down the options to a cool six: the absolute best day trips outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

#1 The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon yellow sunrise Well worth the drive from Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon is an experience that will humble you. Ten miles wide and 277 miles long, it’s a view that makes you ponder your place in the universe like few other sights can. Depending on what time you arrive, you’ll have an entirely different scene: bright white rock in the afternoon, or shades of red and umber at sunset. You could spend a day here easily (or a whole weekend).

The Grand Canyon isn’t just a thing to see, it’s also a thing to do. Take a hike up the trail to the lovely Havasu Falls and cool off. Visit the Kolb Studio, built in 1904 by a pair of photography pioneering brothers, or spot the condors on the South Rim. You’ll have a tiring day that’s worth the exhaustion, as the memories will eclipse the rest of your trip.

Kids Can Enjoy Sin City Too

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

We all know that Sin City has something for everyone but what about the kiddies? I, myself do not have the issue as to how to entertain my offspring as my kid is a four legged, animal who does not enjoy the sun and is not allowed in most casinos because he is a K9. But, I do have many friends with children and there are a plethora of activities in Las Vegas to entertain even the most ADD child. First, please let me caution all the parents out there to take your children to do these things but do not leave them there unsupervised. I know this seems obvious to most, but just in case it was not, take my advice.

I grew up in a casino myself. I enjoyed every casino from Lake Tahoe to Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. There are a few really cool spots for children (and adults if you are young at heart, not pregnant and do not have an existing heart condition). Circus Circus in Las Vegas has an entire theme park called Adventuredome with full size rides. These are not your average carnival rides but roller coasters that could be found at Magic Mountain. The theme park is not too big where it is overwhelming but has enough choices in rides for the adventurous and the more timid child. If roller coasters are not your thing, than you could try laser tag, rock climbing, mini gold or the FX Theater. There is truly something for everyone at the Adventuredome and you will be entertained all day.

I can feel it is March because I have that college basketball itch! My beloved University of Arizona Wildcats are in the Pac 12 and the tournament is moving from the Los Angeles, Staples Center and relocating to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The viewership of the tournament had declined in the last couple of years (which is obviously the reason I was able to get a seat in the front row at Staples last year) and the forces that be, believe moving the Pac 12 tournament to Las Vegas will attract more attention. I think they are right! This is yet another good reason to visit Las Vegas in March (as if you needed another reason). What better appetizer for College Basketball March madness than with PAC 12 tournament basketball.

Modern Day Mob Encounters in Las Vegas

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Some people call “The Mob” the founding fathers of Las Vegas. They were gangsters, hoodlums and thieves that migrated to Las Vegas from all over the country. Before Las Vegas became big business run by corporations the mob ran this town. From the early 1950′s through the 1980′s you could find the mob running the best casinos on the Vegas strip.

Even though the mob helped make Las Vegas the tourist destination it is today it wasn’t without it’s flaws. The mob was always known for being a major part of prostitution, drug dealing and loan sharking. Mobsters were often ruthless businessman who withheld tax money that should have gone to the Government to build schools, hospitals and roads. However, there were a small portion of the mob that changed themselves for the better to become model citizens and respectable businessmen.

Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses and Def Leppard Rock Vegas

Thursday, 21 February 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

I was first in line last year when I heard that Motley Crue was doing the first ever rock n’ roll residency in Las Vegas. This was a groundbreaking event for rockers around the world. We no longer only had the option of just seeing Elton John or Celine Dion with our parents for a show night out. Now, rockers of the world were able to unite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Joint to rock out to our favorite anthems with a bunch of other rock revelers. I joined my fellow “Crue Heads” and definitely participated and left my “Shout at the Devil” and loved every minute of it.

I no longer needed to pack skin tight dresses (that would fit a 5 year old) with 5 inch stilettos but traded that Vegas uniform the much more rock appropriate tight black pants, high boots, tank and a ton of jewelry.

March Madness 2013 in Las Vegas

Monday, 18 February 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

NCAA Basketball Tournament, AKA March Madness, is one of the busiest sports weekends in Las Vegas. This year the tournament begins Tuesday, March 19 but the Madness doesn’t begin until Thursday, March 21. The first weekend of March Madness is spread over four days making it the second busiest event for the sportsbooks in Las Vegas behind the Super Bowl. This chaos complicates things for people that want to wager on the games and even for people that just want to watch the games.

There are 16 games on each of the first two days with another 8 games on the first Saturday and Sunday of March Madness. Sportsbooks will be overflowing with people before the first game tips off on March 21 around 9am pacific time. Besides betting on the games sportsbooks are a great place because they’re open to whomever wants to just sit and watch the games. During March Madness those seats are at a minimum. If you want to watch the games on the big screens of the sportsbook make sure you arrive early because those seats are first come whether you bet on the game or not. There are tales of some people paying the homeless to sleep in the sportsbook overnight to ensure that they seats.

Hidden Off-Strip Gems In Las Vegas

Monday, 28 January 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

When visiting Las Vegas we often try to find some new and different places to eat, drink and be merry. Sometimes we’ll wander into an off the strip dive that nobody knows about and sometimes we’ll stop off at some of the more famous hidden gems. Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen is one of those famous off the strip gems. You may have heard of Lola’s while watching Diners, Drive Inn’s and Dive’s on Food Network or you may have read about Lola’s on a message board as it’s one of the hidden locals’ favorites.

Lola’s is a small restaurant located near The Vegas Strip in between the Stratosphere and the World Market Center which is about a 5 minute cab ride from Wynn Las Vegas. There’s almost always a wait for a table at Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen which is as close to traditional Louisiana cajun dining as you can find in the country. Lola’s recipes are inspired by food from the entire state of Louisiana.

Adrenaline Pumping Vegas Tours

Monday, 03 September 2012 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Las Vegas is known for its massive hotels, grand casinos, and one of a kind shows, but here are some things you might not have expected from sin city.

Exotic RacingRace Exotic Cars

If racing some of today’s fastest street legal tire burners is more your speed,  you may want to stop at for a lesson at Exotic Racing’s School. You can choose to drive one or more sports car from these great manufactures Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, or Nissan ($199 to $399).  For those who want to experience a full out drifting, they also offer 2 laps as a passenger with a professional (starting @ $99).

New Shows at Saxe & V Theater

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Have you checked out the new shows at Saxe/VTheater’s lately? These 3 new shows are sure to knock your socks off, and won’t break the bank to get you there!

The Awesome 80's Prom

The Awesome 80's Prom @ V Theater

First up we have The Awesome 80′s Prom. This show features and interactive 80′s party experience, unlike any you have seen before.  You get to rock out to all your favorite 80′s tunes, and interact with characters from your favorite 80′s movies! The show performs Thursday-Tuesday at 8pm at the V Theatre, located inside the Miracle Mile Shops connected to Planet Hollywood.