The value of a Las Vegas players club should not go unnoticed. There are more rewards for new members of a Las Vegas players club than ever before. There have been a lot of changes in the past few years to almost every Las Vegas players club because they’re now more useful to casino marketers and thus offer more value to you, the customer.


For the uninitiated, a players club is the loyalty club for Las Vegas casinos and hotels. Players clubs started off as cards to track spending of slot machine players but have evolved into something closer to the loyalty club of your local supermarket. Like that supermarket loyalty club the benefits from a Las Vegas players club are free when you sign up. Similarly you receive points to use as rewards for dollar you spend when you use the card.


Everything else to do with a players club card is different because the properties have different business models. Some players clubs will reward points for all spending on property while other only offer rewards when spending money in the casino. Check your favorite casino’s players club for benefits and how to earn rewards.


Since your information is more valuable to casino marketers the players clubs have evolved to offer more entry level benefits than ever before. These players club entry level benefits are free just for signing up. When you spend money with the property you’ll get more rewards and greater benefits but there are a few things you’ll get just from signing up.


Immediate Discounts – Just about every players club will offer a small discount when purchasing items from casino operated restaurants, bars and shops. Entry level players club discounts may start at 5% but as you become more loyal to a property these discounts will grow to become as high as 50% off items in these outlets. Entry level players club member may also receive random discounts that aren’t promoted like $1 or $2 discounts per item at specific restaurant. Every property is different and you can find a lot of these discounts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The expanded discounts are a reason that everyone visiting Las Vegas should sign up for a free players club card. Here are a couple other benefits that entry level players club members receive.


Better Access – Another basic benefit of players clubs is access to events at a property. When a property is hosting a concert or special event they’ll often allow their players club members first access to tickets. This is mainly seen as a simple thank you but it’s a benefit when you’re looking at events that will sell out.


When you spend more money and your status with a players club grows this greater access will extend into the other areas of the property where you may be able to have a dedicated check-in area or the ability to skip long lines at restaurants. These benefits don’t hold a dollar value but the intrinsic value is a nice perk to the beneficiary.


Partnership Benefits – The larger casino players clubs will team up with partners outside of the property to offer benefits that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Total Rewards (Caesars Entertainment), has a partnership where all members can earn reward points when they make purchases from 1-800-Flowers. As your status increases with Total Rewards you can gain up to 30% discounts on cruises from their partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line. Again, check your favorite players club for their partnerships.


Sign Up Gifts – Some of the locals casinos will offer small gifts when a new customer signs up for the players club. These gifts can range anywhere from a discount book to a free deck of cards to a few dollars in slot play. These aren’t huge gifts but they’re a nice bonus.


Signing up for a players club should only take a few minutes. If you don’t feel like waiting for someone to enter your information into a computer when you get to Las Vegas you can sign up for some players club accounts online. If you’re an analytic type and want to see if the benefits are worth your time just measure the savings you receive from having a players club card versus the value of the 5-10 minutes of time it takes to sign up. You might be surprised by what you see.


Marc Meltzer covers Las Vegas, gaming and men’s lifestyle for various outlets. Check out his blog at Edge Vegas.
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