Eataly’s sixth U.S. location opened at Park MGM just as 2018 came to an end. The 40,000-square-foot culinary destination is located directly on the Las Vegas Strip and will serve as Park MGM’s main entrance.
Eataly is a vibrant space full of unique food counters, bars, cafés and dining experiences offering traditional, authentic Italian food. This is the venue inside Park MGM that I’ve been most looking forward to. Eataly is more than just a food court with different Italian dining options.
All Eataly locations implement the “Eat. Shop. Learn.” philosophy:

  • Eat sustainably sourced fare with quality ingredients
  • Shop the best Italian and local products available
  • Learn about Italian culture and cuisines

Eataly Food Experience at Park MGM

Cucina del Mercato At Eataly

Eataly offers several new experiences to Las Vegas. Cucina del Mercato, or “Kitchen of the Market,” is an open, counter-to-table space. This eliminates the barrier between restaurants and the store. This concept is a first for an Eataly in the United States. It’s also unique on the Vegas Strip.
The venue consists of six different fresh counters where guests can eat what they shop, and shop what they eat. Experiences include:
La Macelleria: Butcher & Kitchen: La Macelleria allows guests to choose any cut of sustainably sourced meat from the case and watch the chefs prepare it right before their eyes. Locals can also choose to bring the protein home to cook.
La Salumeria: Cheesemonger & Kitchen: Eataly is famous for “salumi and formaggi.” The selections offered are sourced from both Italy and the United States. Guests can enjoy a selection of meat and cheese boards curated by Eataly’s cheesemongers, or create their own from a variety of options. Think of this as your new home for charcuterie in Las Vegas.
La Pizzeria: Roman Handcrafted Pizza alla Pala: Guests can pick up pizza alla pala, a favorite street food from Rome. This type of pizza is made with a dense, long-rising dough. The pizza is then stretched on a wooden paddle and then topped with seasonal ingredients.
Italian Street Food: Il Fritto, La Rosticceria, and Mozzarella Bar: This area serves up typical street food specialties from Italy. The Italian Street Food counter has three distinct areas:

  • Il Fritto: Lightly fried bites like arancini and fried seafood
  • La Rosticceria: Rotisserie roast chickens, seasonal vegetables, and panini
  • Mozzarella Bar: Exactly what it sounds like – offers house-made mozzarella favorites

La Pasta Fresca: Market & Kitchen: At this fresh pasta counter, guests can watch the pastai (pasta makers) knead, roll, cut, and form intricate pasta shapes by hand. Each type of pasta is inspired by the traditions of a different Italian region. Once the pasta is made it’s paired with traditional sauces made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.
La Pescheria: Fishmonger & Kitchen: La Pescheria featurez a seasonal selection of fish from fishermen and distributors who adhere to sustainable methods. They offer a selection of small plates and seafood pasta. This area provides guests with the option to watch chefs cook their own catch in an open kitchen or allow guests to bring the delicacy home to prepare.

More To Eat And Drink At Eataly

Whew! There’s a lot happening in the Cucina del Mercato at Eataly Las Vegas. But wait…there’s more. Eataly Las Vegas also has cafe’s, bars, and three more restaurants. Eataly Las Vegas is a dynamic venue and an experience that you won’t anywhere else on the Vegas Strip.
“We created Eataly Las Vegas with possibility in mind because anything can happen in Las Vegas,” said Nicola Farinetti, CEO of Eataly USA. “With this store, we have evolved our ideas for how to deliver authentic Italian cuisine, and we are excited to join the destination with so many new venues and concepts.”
The concept sounds great but I have one question. Will we see guests purchase meat, fish, or cheese in Eataly and just walk into the casino to play blackjack, slot machines, or other games?
Visit the Park MGM website for more information and hours for the various bars, restaurants, and counters at Eataly Las Vegas.


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