TV Screens at Venetians Sports BookIf you’re a sports fan and a gambling man, Las Vegas can seem like a sports bettor’s dream. On the famous Las Vegas Strip there is an amazing array of great casinos and hotels to choose from, and they all have some type of a sports book. That said, there are good sports books, bad ones, and the plain old average or even mediocre. The good news is that every so often there is a truly great sports book. The Venetian is one of those rare casino hotels on the Strip that can actually brag about having an absolutely fantastic sports book.

There are several reasons The Venetian Race & Sports Book operated by Cantor Gaming gets high grades. One is great free drink service. During some major sporting events you might be required to put down a certain bet level, but many patrons have reported that as long as the sports bettor is polite, they pretty much get as many free drinks as they want. The service is outstanding, the individuals taking bets are very polite, and the TV spread is fantastic. The “small” flat screen televisions on the side would make most men ecstatic if they had one in their house. The 3 large screens over six feet tall are just bonus.

The chairs are extremely comfortable, with great back support, and the cup holder is definitely convenient. That would seem like common sense, but many sports books in other casinos on the Strip don’t have them. There’s an entire section just for horse bettors, allowing plenty of space for everyone regardless of their favorite sport.

The most important aspect of any sports book in Las Vegas is the ambiance, and this is one area in which the Venetian absolutely excels. The Sports Book has a fantastic entrance, as the fantastic stone work on the outside leads inside to lavish carpets and the famous mural ceilings. Aside from the comfortable chairs and good service, this sports book is packed any time there is a major sporting event and the fans are loud, excited, and willing to cheer just because the point spread was covered. Almost every play there’s a loud cheer, or a loud groan, and at least half the room joining in.

The over all friendliness that comes with the service is the icing on the cake that makes the Venetian Sports Book one of the few truly elite spots on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’ve wondered about the Venetian before, and you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to check out at least one major sporting event there. This is one sports hangout that understands what sports bettors want out of their Vegas experience, and delivers is in full.

There are many different sports books on the Las Vegas Strip, but the The Venetians Book stands tall as one of the best in the entire city. Now if you want something really different you need to go next store and experience Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo but thats a whole other story. (stay tuned)


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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