It seems as if saving money in Las Vegas is an industry unto its own. Websites like Travel Vegas offer discounts for just about anything you’d want to do when you’re in Las Vegas. Apps like Groupon offer discounts from businesses looking for customers. Technology has brought a lot of discounting in Las Vegas online but it hasn’t brought all discounting to your mobile phone, iPad or computer. Not all customers are ready to make the move online just yet.

Coupons still exist and can save you a lot of money when you come to Las Vegas. Many of the casinos still rely on snail mail and physical couponing as a major part of their marketing. You may get free play or multiplier postcards in the mail if you gamble. The only way to activate these is by bringing the offer into the casino. The same can be said for dining coupons, many of which, that are only mailed to you. These discounts are great reasons to sign up for casino players club cards.

Las Vegas Advisor has one of the most famous coupon offerings in all of Las Vegas. You can read Las Vegas Advisor online for free to keep in the loop on what’s happening in Las Vegas but in order to get the good stuff you’ll have to spend a little to save a lot. You can sign up for under $40 and receive hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in valuable coupons and more.

Your membership with LVA includes a monthly newsletter, access to their message board and all of those coupons. Coupons include discounts for buffets, restaurants, shows, attractions, and more, plus casino match play and slot free-play. Many of the offerings consist of buy one get one free deals so you can maximize LVA’s coupons if you’re traveling with someone else.

Yesterday I noticed that they have a year end discount coupon book available for only $12. You can find more details here.

American Casino Guide has the other major coupon book that is great for Las Vegas visitors. Unlike Las Vegas Advisor, ACG offers coupons in casino markets beyond Las Vegas. Now that casino gaming is legal in the majority of states this is a great benefit. Online American Casino Guide offers free forums and a plethora of gaming and casino information. However, the book is where you’ll find the gold.

The American Casino Guide book is only $12.50 on their online store and offers over 200 coupons and over $1,000 in discounts. The ACG book offers free shows, free buffets, free slot play, free hotel rooms, free match play money, free drinks as well as many discounts.

Before couponing went mobile with Groupon and similar apps there was a negative stigma attached by some people to those that use coupons. Since using mobile couponing has become cool and is relatable to younger people using paper coupons has lost some of that negative stigma.

Both LVA and ACG are great old school ways to save money when visiting Las Vegas. You’ll be able to make the expense of the book back, in many cases, just by using one coupon. The rest is gravy.


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