It’s always fun to stay at a unique hotel. Las Vegas might have dozens of hotels with a lot of lights and gimmicks, but since there are so many hotels taking the same approach, they are not unique. A unique hotel is one that is different from other hotels in the area. In this case, two unique Vegas hotels will be covered. They are unique for completely different reasons.

The Venetian Hotel & Casino does a good job of replicating Venice, but the Tuscany Hotel does an even better job of replicating Tuscany. Everything has a pace and feel similar to Tuscany. This has a lot to do with the décor, service, and food. And unlike the Venetian, this hotel doesn’t feel like an attraction; it feels more like a getaway. As far as the food goes, there are 3 restaurants. It’s recommended that you begin your dining experience with Tuscany Gardens, which offers incredible Italian food and fits the hotel to a tee. The Cantina offers Mexican food and Marilyn’s Café is a great choice for steak and lobster. There is also a Beachfront Coffee. The pool here is designed as a lagoon, which is another aspect of the hotel that adds to the laid-back atmosphere. If you need a little exercise, there is a lap pool in the fitness center. Rooms at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino are 625 square feet, which is considerably larger than the average hotel room in Las Vegas. Weddings are popular here, which is a tribute to the grounds and décor. The location is ideal because it’s close to the strip without being in the center of the action. There are two negatives for staying at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino. One is that WiFi is only free in the lobby or on the patio. If you want WiFi service in your room, it comes with a fee. The other negative is poor front desk service. However, this hotel is still a hidden secret in Las Vegas and should be considered by any traveler.

The Blue Moon Resort is the gayest hotel in Las Vegas. It’s a hotel for gay men. If you’re looking for a gay hotel in Las Vegas, this will be your only option. Luckily for you, it’s a good option. The only real negative is that you will have to drive to the strip. Otherwise, this Asian-décor hotel is a success. The pool area is the biggest draw; it’s large and the pool has a soothing waterfall. The Jacuzzi Grotto is also a nice option. Other hotel amenities include a steam room, a nightclub, and free continental breakfast. The staff here is friendly and highly efficient. There are several events that take place at the Blue Moon Resort, but they change on a regular basis. Check their website or call for more information. One note about staying at the Blue Moon Resort is that outside guests are not allowed on the property without permission. If you would like an outside visitor, you have to acquire a day pass. It’s an easy process that shouldn’t dissuade you from staying at the hotel.

Choosing between these two hotels is incredibly simple. If you’re straight, stay at the Tuscany Hotel. If you’re gay, stay at the Blue Moon Resort. No decision related to accommodations in Las Vegas could possibly be easier.


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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