There are bookstores in Vegas, though you might not notice at first. Hotels know that reading is an activity often enjoyed in your room, and if you’re in your room, chances are, you’re not spending your money at the tables. Plenty of readers (and even writers) do live in the city, though, so there are bookshops around to cater to their needs. And, because this is Vegas, you can find an eclectic bookstore to suit almost every taste and personality. Whether you need a book to improve your poker game, a poolside potboiler, or an antique for your collection, one of these shops should fit the bill.

Bauman Rare Books

3327 Las Vegas Blvd S (702) 948-1617

Located in the Shoppes at the Palazzo, The 230 square-foot gallery at Bauman’s is practically a museum for books–but everything is for sale. While only serious collectors will want to shell out for the rare first editions of books like The Great Gatsby, you’ll still enjoy browsing among the thousands of centuries-old rarities and historical documents, many of them signed by notable people

Alternate Reality Comics

4110 S Maryland Pkwy (702) 736-3673

Comic book lovers will feel right at home in this shop. Owned and operated by the super-friendly Ralph and Kate, a couple of fans themselves, Alternate Reality dispels the stereotype that comic store clerks are surly and unhelpful. The collection of comics includes underground comics as well as the popular stuff, and the selection of graphic novels and ephemera is vast. The prices are pretty nice, too.

Great Wall Bookstore

4255 Spring Mountain Rd (702) 876-8875

This Chinatown shop isn’t your regular bookstore — in fact, it’s really more of an Asian-themed gift shop. If you read Chinese, though, there’s a huge selection of books, comics, and magazines in the language, and even books on learning Chinese. The store also has a selection of beautifully-bound blank books and journals.

Gambler’s Book Club

5473 S Eastern Ave (702) 382-7555

Probably the largest number of books devoted to gambling that you’ll ever see anywhere, from starter guides to advanced strategy, and every game/sport from horse racing to blackjack. There are even books on casino management if you want to aim even higher. Books on chess and puzzles round things out, and there’s also a neat collection of true crime and mafia books.

Amber Unicorn Books

2101 S Decatur Blvd (702) 648-9303

The favorite bookstore in town for a lot of Vegas book lovers, Amber Unicorn has a huge collection of used books in just about every category you can imagine (many of them first editions, but there are plenty of reading copies, too). Science fiction and fantasy paperbacks are a particular specialty, as are cookbooks — the store boasts tens of thousands of cookbooks alone. Bring in your old books to trade in for credit toward titles that are new to you. Expect a new selection every time you visit.

Greyhound’s Books

4704 W. West Charleston Blvd. (702) 444-9415

If antiquarian books are more your style, Greyhound’s is for you. The shop specializes in rare and out-of-print books in an array of genres, non-fiction in particular. The owners are decidedly old-school and refuse to sell books online, which means their fine collection is especially selected for collectors who want to see and touch before they buy.

Book Boutique

19 Pacific Ave., Henderson (702) 697-0001

This clean, bright, watercolor-decorated bookshop is a great spot for families. Both new and used books are on offer, and there’s a nice selection of children’s books, with a cozy nook for them to sit and read. Check event listings to coordinate your trip with one of their many author visits, and get a book signed in person.

Dead Poet Books

937 S. Rainbow Blvd. (702) 227-4070

Few stores have that charming old bookstore vibe anymore, but Dead Poet Books does, complete with grandma’s antique velveteen chairs. Curl up with a classic, or take home a pile of books from their extensive collection. Fine leatherbound books and paperback mysteries rub elbows here, with plenty in between.

Cat’s Curiosities

659 S. Decatur Rd. (702) 228-4783

Sure, Cat’s Curiosities has a great collection of curious books on subjects from military history to the occult, but we won’t tell if you also spend some time perusing all the other nifty vintage stuff in stock. Vinyl records, antique clothing from the Victorian era on up, and vintage fabric and patterns: if it’s vintage and interesting, it’s probably here.

Academy Fine Books

2026 E Charleston Blvd. (702) 471-6500

The small, but well-stocked bookstore full of out-of-print and hard-to-find books is the kind of place where you just know there are treasures lurking, and hunting for them is part of the thrill. Don’t miss the Las Vegas memorabilia if you’re interested in local history.


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