One of the best ways to save money on vacation to Las Vegas is to know when to go. Some days and times are less expensive than others. There are specific times of year and even specific days in Las Vegas where you’ll find prices to be less expensive than others.

Las Vegas is run by tourists so it should be no surprise that it’s a city run by supply and demand. The more demand there is for hotel rooms, restaurants and shows the more they will charge. Likewise, the less the demand for those things the lower the prices will be.

Don’t forget – Las Vegas is always fun! It may be more fun for you when it’s crazy busy but you can save a lot of money on hotel rooms when you visit Las Vegas during a less busy time of year. For example; the hotel room that may cost $200 per night on Memorial Day weekend may only cost you $50 in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I’ve made the week before Christmas an annual vacation in Las Vegas for years. The first time I visited before Christmas a dealer told me that his hotel was only booked at 25% capacity and that’s why our rooms were so inexpensive. That notion was confirmed by taxi drivers and employees at other casinos throughout the trip. You’ll find this is still the case when you check hotel room prices. I still use this time of year to explore some of luxury hotels since I can get hotel rooms for less than they normally charge.

Some of the least busy times to visit Las Vegas, and least expensive, are between Thanksgiving and Christmas and before Memorial Day. Las Vegas is most expensive during weekends, holidays and when there are major events like the Super Bowl or Electric Daisy Carnival.

Another smart time to visit Las Vegas so that you can save money is to stay between Sunday and Thursdays nights. These are the less busy nights at the hotels and least expensive nights. If you’re a medium roller at a casino these are usually the nights you can get comp’d. Most will just note that hotel rooms are less expensive than they are on the weekend. Again, this is simply supply and demand.

By visiting Las Vegas on these days you can save enough money to stay at a nicer hotel than you might normally be able to pay for. When it’s less busy you’ll see lower limits on the gaming tables, shorter lines (if any) at restaurants and greater availability of show tickets (or bigger discounts).

Las Vegas never turns off. It’s a 24/7 city at all times. There may be more chaos when more people are around but Las Vegas is always busy relative to most cities in the world. Visiting Las Vegas during quieter times is a great way to save money and have access to a lot more of what this city has available.


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