When thinking about the Venetian or Palazzo you don’t think of their parent company, Las Vegas Sands (LVS). This week Las Vegas Sands had the websites of all of their casinos and hotels around the world hacked. While personal information of LVS employees was exposed no personal information or credit card information from customers was stolen. It’s easy to assume that this attack targeted LVS because of their stance against online gaming or one one of their owners political comments. More information is sure to be released as this issue is explored further.

With so many businesses being hacked in the past few months expect a more malicious hack to happen to a Las Vegas hotel and casino operator before long.

Valentines Day marks the 1 month count down to the beginning of Pool Season in Las Vegas. Liquid pool at Aria and Bare at The Mirage open on March 13. Sorry to those of you stuck in a foot of snow in the eastern half of the country. If you’re snowed you can pass the time by making some reservations in Las Vegas where we’ll be breaking record high temperatures this weekend.

While you’re making plans for Las Vegas you might want to consider visiting in June where most of the World Series of Poker events will take place. Entry to watch the WSOP at Rio is free and a very Vegas thing to do. WSOP begins the day after Memorial Day and continues into July when the final table will be set. The final table won’t take place until November. The Las Vegas Sun has highlights and more details on this year’s WSOP schedule.

Hash House A Go Go opened their newest location at Rio this week. Also opening this week is the 2nd Naked Pizza. If you’ve never heard of Naked Pizza check out this video. Vegas Eater has more details on the new location. Let’s assume they have chairs.

Foodies flock to Naked Pizza but the masses head to Las Vegas buffet’s. Cravings buffet at The Mirage is not only offering all of the food you can eat but all of the booze that you can drink. There are a few choices of beer and wine for you to choose from. The good news here is that there is no additional charge for the booze unlike most other buffet’s.

The last thing you probably want to do after eating and drinking your face off is getting on a ride but we now have details for new rides coming to Las Vegas. The newest roller coaster in Las Vegas, El Loco, opens next week at Circus Circus. Meanwhile Vegas Chatter reports the rumor that Slotzilla will open this April at the soonest. The VooDoo zip ride at Rio is holding a job fair so an opening date shouldn’t be too far away even though they haven’t set a date.

Caesars just put together a website for the high roller suites available at all of their Las Vegas hotels. The Anthology Suites collection used to be invite only but you can now buy your way in but you’ll have to call them to do so.

Last but not least the last remaining Lions Share slot machine at MGM Grand is no longer a secret for Vegas insiders and those that frequent MGM Grand. Lions Share is 20 years old and has a huge jackpot over $2 million. MGM Resorts seem to have put a full court press on promoting this machine because there have been articles about this everywhere. If you’re not familiar with Lions Share you can read more here. With the increased awareness on this one slot machine expect more people to be playing it and for the jackpot to be hit soon. When the jackpot is hit the machine will be removed from the casino floor (and possibly be given to the winner).


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