The Vegas Strip continues to transform. This week the neon entrance at New York New York was taken down as part of the major construction that’s been happening over the past few months. The sign isn’t going very far. You’ll be able to see the sign at the Neon Boneyard in Downtown Vegas. Vegas Inc. has a slideshow if you want to see the sign right now.

The construction continues next door at Monte Carlo. While much of the exterior is undergoing a major refacing it looks like the insides might be getting refreshed as well. Vegas Chatter posted pictures of a recently renovated hallway. Warning: If you’ve been drinking or are easily disoriented you may not want to look at the dizzying wall coverings and carpeting.

You might remember that all of the construction at New York New York and Monte Carlo are being done to create a walking district area that will lead to a new arena behind both hotels. Well, that arena just received unanimous approval for their work permits. A development agreement between the county and MGM Resorts still needs to be finalized before construction can begin. Construction on the arena is scheduled to begin later this year with opening planned for 2016.

Across the street at MGM Grand another slot machine player hit the Megabucks jackpot for a grand prize of over $10 million! It’s not a fact but it seems as if Megabucks jackpots repeatedly hit at the different MGM casinos in Las Vegas.

Moving closer towards the lobby at MGM Grand you may notice a name change. The bar commonly called the lobby bar has officially become the “Lobby Bar”. The name used to be Zuri. Who knew?!

If you still own your raver pants from the 1980’s you probably remember the name Carl Cox. He’s one of the more famous techno DJ’s over the past 30 years and was just announced as a new resident DJ at Light at Mandalay Bay. You can see other DJ’s that will be spinning throughout the year at Vegas Seven.

After you’re done dancing your butt off at Light you may need some sustenance to keep the party going. Mandalay Bay just opened a newly renovated food court to take care of all of your quick serve dining needs. Excalibur and MGM Grand also recently renovated their food court too. While everyone else on the Vegas Strip is building malls, MGM is building food courts. Who will win this epic battle?

Speaking of quick serve food options on the Vegas Strip…America’s Diner, Denny’s, closed their busiest location in America last week. The Denny’s located at Casino Royale is being renovated and will be closed all year and re-open next year. If you need a quick breakfast on the strip you might want to head to the world famous Peppermill Diner.

Beer snobs looking for a new place to visit may want to head downtown to Banger Brewing. Banger Brewing is located inside Neonopolis at Fremont Street. There is no food here – this is a brewery. If you need a bite you can head next door to one of the Denny’s that is still open in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to stop by and try each beer first hand. Las Vegas Weekly is lucky enough to have stopped by already.

Last and certainly not least Claire Sinclaire has signed on to do another year of “Pin Up” shows at the Stratosphere.


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