Station Casinos probably comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas locals casinos. However, they’re one of the more forward thinking and cutting edge casino operators in Las Vegas. With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, I thought I’d look at how they’re ahead of some of the competition.
For example, nearly three and a half years ago they released a mobile app before most casino operators even thoughts about it. Most casino apps back then were mostly just mobile versions of a website. This was a fully functional app that offered almost the same functionality you’ll find in many casino apps today.
Station Casinos continues to be ahead of the curve. In the past year, they continue to up their tech game beyond what you’ll see from most casino operators in the country. There isn’t a single beneficiary of these technological advances. There are 11 properties and guests throughout Las Vegas enjoying the latest technology.
Station Casinos has 11 casino-hotels as well as more properties that are only casinos. Some of the improvements have rolled out property-wide while others affect individual casinos. Here are some technological improvements we’ve seen at various Station Casinos in Las Vegas over the past few years.
Boarding Pass Players Club Go Cardless
Earlier this year Station Casinos debuted Cardless Connect at Barley’s casino. The new technology allows video poker and slot machine players to earn players club points without using a card. I wrote Station Casinos going cardless it in October.
This endeavor continues to expand. The cardless technology was recently deployed at Green Valley Ranch and Sunset Station. The technology will be used at even more Station Casinos in 2018.
Mobile Charging While Gambling
In every casino, you’ll find some slot machines that offer USB charging. Mobile charging often ends there in most casinos. You’re now able to charge your mobile phone at blackjack tables when you visit Palace Station and Palms.
You can charge a mobile device at 4 Queens and Binion’s blackjack tables too. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be playing a game that pays less (6:5) at those casinos when you’re dealt blackjack. The 3:2 blackjack games are alive and well at Palms and Palace Station.
First 4-D Slot Machines In Las Vegas
What makes a slot machine better than 3-D? Add another dimension and you get 4-D. The Sphinx 4-D slot machine takes the 3-D version of the game and adds “gesture drawing” on the screen during bonus rounds. The 3-D-ness of the game is great and the 4th dimension takes the technology to a whole other level.
Station Casinos is the first casino operator in Las Vegas to offer Sphnix 4-D. You can play at nine different properties including Red Rock Casino and Green Valley Ranch. The Station Casinos blog has more information on the game and where you can find it.
If the Sphinx theme isn’t up your alley, you should be able to play a “Ghostbusters” or “Sex And The City” 4-D slot machines in 2018.
Upgraded Sportsbooks And Sport Betting
Station Casinos started upgrading many of their sportsbooks in 2014. I have an extensive blog post about the upgrades at Red Rock Casino here. They’ve upgraded the sportsbook experience differently at other properties more recently. However, you’ll find the same great TV screens as Red Rock Casino at Green Valley Ranch.
Earlier this year Station Casinos released a new version of their STN Sports betting app. The new version of the app includes “in play” sports wagering. There are up to 50 or so wagers available during certain games. Station Casinos isn’t the first to offer this kind of wagering and they won’t be the last. This is a great improvement for bettors looking for a little more action while the games are being played.
The Station Casinos blog has more information.
Disclosure: I understand that this is kind of gushing about the company but this isn’t a paid ad. I’ve been a fan of Station Casinos ever since moving to Las Vegas. I like and appreciate what they do as a casino operator. You can read about my love for Red Rock Casino from 2013 here.


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