Las Vegas changes often. It keeps people on their toes. That’s almost always a good thing. A few years ago Flightlinez brought ziplining to the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Vegas. It was fun to zip (or at least watch people zip) across Fremont Street. During the day it was cool but at night when the Fremont Street Experience canopy was all lit up it was nothing short of magical. Well, ziplining down Fremont Street became so popular that the zipline game had to step up. The Flightlinez zipline closed earlier this year. Have no fear, ziplining across Fremont Street will return bigger and badder than ever.

Enter SlotZilla. SlotZilla will be a new zipline offering two very different zipline experiences when it opens later this year. SlotZilla will be an 11 story and 108 feet high slot machine with two different zipline rides. There will be a short ride that will be a traditional zipline that will cost $20 and there will be a longer ride that shoots you out of the giant slot machine at 35 Miles Per Hour. The latter ride will cost $30 and you can buy a combo pass for $40.

SlotZilla will operated just like it sounds – a giant slot machine with two different zipline rides. Once riders are prepared for launch the operator will press a button, the slot machine handle will come down, SlotZilla will light up and then you launch from behind different slots (literally). Traditional riders will be harnessed like a normal zipline barely clearing the Fremont Street Experience canopy by a couple of feet. High speed riders will be shot out of the slot machine laying flat as if they were Superman. SlotZilla is no joke but it sounds like fun.

SlotZilla is somewhere between awesome, WTH and obnoxious. That combination is what makes Las Vegas so great so this should make for a fun attraction. Las Vegas is famous for over the top entertainment and SlotZilla fits right in with some of the most famous Las Vegas attractions.

Ziplining has been around in the desert of Las Vegas but it’s now getting more touristy. Besides SlotZilla Rio is planning to open VooDoo Zipline. VooDoo is less of a zipline than a zip ride that will shoot you from Rio’s Masquerade Tower to the Ipenema Tower. VooDoo is almost 500 feet in the air and the ride goes over 30 Miles Per Hour.

Both SlotZilla and VooDoo Zip Line are scheduled to be open before 2013 ends. You can find the most information on SlotZilla by following Fremont Street Experience on twitter and you can find information on VooDoo Zip Line on their website.


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