One of the best trends to emerge in Las Vegas restaurants in 2018 was special dining opportunities. Tasting and pairing menus for one night only isn’t exactly a new concept. However, it seemed as though more restaurants offered special menus than ever before.
The pairings often feature adult beverages that complement the best dishes in a restaurant. Tasting menus often coincide with a holiday or certain food of the month. The most exciting trend in dining was pop up chef nights. Different chefs would bring their cuisine to a restaurant that wasn’t normally available.
All of these different dining options are great excuses to try a different kind of food or to visit a new restaurant. Over the years the Vegas Strip has become one of the most popular culinary destinations in the world. Celebrity chefs and great quality food are fantastic but often come with a higher price point.
The Vegas Strip isn’t the only part of Las Vegas with great culinary options. Chefs and restaurateurs have been taking their talents a few blocks or miles off the Vegas Strip and offering great food all over town. You should know this as we try to keep you in the loop on great places to eat on and off the Vegas Strip.

New And Unique Dining Experiences is launching a unique multi-city dining program this year. The company will allow chefs to showcase their skills and will allow restaurants to offer unique dishes to foodies craving a unique culinary experience.
In spite of the name, there will be more than just burgers available. Many of the dishes will fit the theme of the restaurant. For example, Border Grill at Mandalay Bay will offer a unique Mexican dish for the first time. The smoked prime rib tacos with manchego grits and crispy potatoes will only be available for 50 people for this one-night event.
Each dining event is one day only and will feature a unique SecretBurger dish. Only 50 of each dish will be available for pre-purchase exclusively on Once 50 tickets are sold, that’s it. There are no walk-ins and no way to order the SecretBurger dish onsite since many of these dishes took weeks to plan.

January’s SecretBurger Events in Las Vegas

  • January 16 at EDO Tapas. SecretBurger Dish: Iberico de Bellota Sandwich with Paleta, Chorizo, Salchichón, Lomo, Payoyo Cheese, Fresh tomato and Pan de Cristal.
  • January 22 at Other Mama. SecretBurger Dish: Wild Shrimp & Bacon “Burger.” **Already Sold Out(!)
  • January 23 at District One. SecretBurger Dish: Mì Quảng.
  • January 24 at TEKKA BAR at Cosmopolitan. SecretBurger Dish – Wild Bluefin O-Toro from Tokyo Fish Market, Edo Era Traditional Akazu Red Rice & Fresh Grated Wasabi.
  • January 26 at Sparrow + Wolf. SecretBurger Dish: Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll with five spice crumble, duck fat frosting and roasted pear chutney.
  • January 29 at Forte Tapas. SecretBurger Dish: Seared Diver Scallops with Saffron Lemongrass Nage



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