TravelVegas app iconRecently we launched TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals in apple’s app-store. We set out to create a tool to be used while on the strip. It had to have all the information one would need to navigate the city, but also simple enough that everyone could enjoy it. There were a few apps out but they seemed dated, hard to use and lacked any sort of discounts. The design process was not easy but we think it paid off, this app has tons of easy to use features.

Heres some of the things we have made easier:

  1. Locating the closest Italian restaurants’ menu and phone number.
  2. Booking 50% off show tickets.
  3. Hotel Maps and information with no internet connection.
  4. Finding the best casino offers.
  5. Reviews on everything Vegas has to offer.
  6. Finding exciting new adventures such as sky diving and racing.
  7. Walking directions to a free attraction.
  8. Saving everything you would like to see and do.

This is just some of features that we think will make your trip to Las Vegas that much butter and possibly cheaper.  Enjoy and always feel free to contact us with questions or new ideas.

for iPhone & iPad:


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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