It’s not often that you can get something for nothing in Las Vegas but it is possible. For example, some of the off-strip hotels offer free shuttle services for you to explore their properties. On face value you’re getting a free ride to a different hotel with no strings attached. The ultimate goal for the hotel is to entice you to visit or stay at the property. Sounds like a fair exchange and a potential win-win for the customer and hotel.

The same can be said when you sign up for a casino players club. The casino  uses the players club to offers discounts and complimentary items in exchange for adding your name for their marketing database and for the ability to track how and where you spend your money. This is very valuable information for the casinos. Some casino players clubs will lure you with deep discounts on hotel rooms meanwhile other properties have to add freebies to entice you to share your information.

While the big name players clubs, MLife and Total Rewards, usually don’t offer you anything beyond discounts when you sign up for the players clubs. It’s really the smaller casinos that have to add a little something to get you to sign up. These gifts are only for new customers to the casino players clubs so if you lost your players club card or haven’t been to the casino or hotel in a while you may not be eligible for the freebies. Each casino has different criteria for doling out the freebies so just ask if you’re unsure. It never hurts to ask.

The casinos that offer gifts for signing up for their players club offer gifts ranging anywhere from a few dollars of slot machine free play to free meals. Here’s a look at some of the gifts that you can get from Las Vegas casinos just by signing up for their players club.


Circus Circus – Various giveaways based on play for the day. Gifts can be anything from a t-shirt to free hotel rooms.

Cosmopolitan – Entry into kiosk game with various rewards.

El Cortez – Free deck of playing cards.

Four Queens – Buy One Get One Free prime rib dinner at Magnolia and/or free deck of playing cards.

Golden Gate – Free deck of playing cards.

M Resort – Free play dollars. Possibly t-shirts or free play if a promotion is running.

Plaza – Entry into a slot machine tournament.

Riviera – Free buffet.

Silverton – Free buffet.

Station Casinos – Free play dollars.

Stratosphere – 25% off buffet and $5 free play with 10 points earned.

Treasure Island – Entry into kiosk game with various rewards.

Tropicana – $200 refund on slot machine losses.

The kiosk game rewards at Cosmopolitan and Treasure Island include players club points, free meals, etc. They’re pretty neat games and it’s always fun to have a chance at a substantial gift. Station Casinos free play dollars are also randomly chosen when you sign up for their Boarding Pass players club card.

Some of the casinos listed above change their gift offerings pretty often when you sign up for their players club so this list might change on your next visit to Las Vegas. That said, these casinos almost always offer something for free when you first sign up for their players clubs. These free gifts may not save or make you money but they make nice souvenirs and that can save a few bucks.


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