It feels great to think about planning visits to Las Vegas for next year already. Thanks to some eager casinos, it’s time to get started. Las Vegas casinos are already releasing information for Super Bowl parties in 2022!
The Big Game LVI will take place in Los Angeles on Feb. 13, 2022. Sure that may be half a year away but the early bird gets the deal. Planning to visit Las Vegas is unlike many cities thanks to liberal hotel room cancellation policies.
Many hotels will allow guests to cancel a reservation just before the scheduled stay (always confirm the policy before making a reservation). Locking in hotel rooms early is usually a good way to get a good price. If there’s a sale between the early booking date and the visit, a reservation can be canceled to make a new reservation at the discount rate.
Booking hotel rooms is the first and safest part of planning a Vegas vacation. Plans tighten up after the less flexible airline tickets are booked. Airline cancellation policies vary and can be quite restrictive. Once flights are confirmed it feels as though the trip is on firmer footing and becoming a reality.
The booking window for Las Vegas goes in phases. This can keep Vegas on the mind for months at a time and that’s always fun.
My Vegas crew that’s spread around the country starts loosely planning a November trip in April when offers start rolling in. The excitement between the group is somewhat amazing. The process isn’t intense at all. It starts with a fun look back at past trips. The memories spur some plans for the next trip. At the same time, there are always people reading the news over the next few months to see what might be new and exciting.

Group Travel

I was listening to a podcast recently that mentioned an idea that I’ve advocated for years. When a group is traveling together, it can be a good idea to get one suite to use as a meeting spot. This is handy when everyone in the group wants their own bed or room and also wants to be close to friends.
The hangout suite can be a place to meet before going out. This suite can also be used to have a private group meal or just a place to have a few drinks before going out.
This tactic can also be used to upgrade the experience at a value hotel. Hotel suites may be out of budget at the nicer places. Using a suite for group hangs at a value property can take a trip to the next level.
One of my favorite examples is staying at The Linq. This is my favorite value property on the Vegas Strip. Rooms are cheap and the location across from Caesars Palace is great. Access to the promenade and other nearby hotels makes this a great place to stay at a low price.
The 350 square foot rooms are small but feel roomy thanks to a good design. However, these aren’t rooms for a group to hang out in. The size is reflected in the low prices.
The Linq also offers poolside cabana rooms with a patio. The extra outdoor space makes this a great meetup spot day and night. This takes the stay at an inexpensive hotel to another level at a fair price.

Planning for the Super Bowl and March Madness

The casinos are just starting to announce Super Bowl parties. Yes, it’s way too early to think about. Then again, maybe it’s not. Use this as an opportunity to start thinking about plans to watch and wager on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next year.
This will get the juices flowing to start keeping an eye on Big Game party news. This is also a time to consider where to watch the game. The most popular casinos will charge to reserve seats to watch the game in the sportsbook or at a party. You can add another kind of location to the mix for next year’s Super Bowl viewing. Circa offers cabanas at the amazing Stadium Swim complex.
Advanced seating will sell out at many of the popular locations so it’s good to think about that early so you don’t miss out. There are plenty of off-strip locations that will have less expensive or free options to watch the Super Bowl. Planning early will allow you time to think about if you’d rather spend money gambling than on a seat. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just your preference.
While you’re thinking about the Super Bowl, it can’t hurt to start thinking about the first weekend of March Madness. The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament takes place March 17-20, 2022.
Planning this far in advance isn’t for everyone. However, getting a group to commit to a trip takes time. It can’t hurt to get the process started.


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