Downtown Las Vegas has become a destination for eating. This wasn’t always the case. There have always been restaurants to fill the stomach but very few were the kind of dining experience worth traveling for. That’s no longer the case as there are great dining experiences available for every time of the day. Here’s my perfect day of dining in downtown Las Vegas. You may have seen some of them mentioned on this blog before.


Dupar's Las VegasBreakfast: DuPar’s

DuPar’s Restaurant & Bakery at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino offers traditional cafe style food around the clock. The menu is huge and offers just about anything your mood could want. In my eyes there are only two things on the menu: pancakes and orange juice. The orange juice is fresh squeezed in an old fashioned juicer (like this). When you sit at the counter you may actually smell the juice as it’s made. YUM-O! The other item are the light, fluffy and most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had. They’re so good that I won’t eat pancakes anywhere else.


Pizza Rock Sign Downtown Las VegasLunch: Pizza Rock

There are plenty of places to get pizza in Las Vegas but none really move the needle like Pizza Rock. They have multiple ovens for different styles of pizza but there’s one pizza that’s far and above the rest. The New Yorker is made in their 700 degree brick oven with all fresh ingredients including sliced mozzarella, tomato sauce, house link sausage, garlic, mini pepperoni and fresh ricotta. The pie is barely charred which allows for a delicious crunch dough base and crust. Veggies can just get a plain pie but make sure it’s from this over. The combination of dough, sauce and cheese is fantastic.


The Beat Coffee and LogoAfternoon Pick-Me-Up: The Beat

Coffee makes the day better and The Beat has one of the best cups you’ll find in downtown Las Vegas. There are plenty of places to caffeinate but none have the relaxing environment that you’ll find at The Beat. You can sit back and listen to vinyl records (like actual records which sound amazing) while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack. The Beat offers a different environment than you’ll find elsewhere on Fremont Street and that’s a good thing.


Andiamo Steakhouse Steak and LogoDinner: Andiamo Steakhouse

Not only is Andiamo one of the best steakhouses in downtown Las Vegas but it’s one of the best in all of Las Vegas. The Italian steakhouse offers steak and seafood that you’d find at a traditional steakhouse alongside Italian favorites like gnocchi and risotto. What sets Andiamo apart from other steakhouses, besides the great food and service, are the prices. While still a fine-dining restaurant you can find steak prices as low as $42 for a bone-in New York Strip.


Nacho Daddy Nachos Downtown VegasLate Night Snack: Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy might be best when it’s 2 a.m. and you’re ready to wind the night down but you’re not ready to stop altogether. Likewise, it’s the perfect restaurant to start or restart the evening. An order of street tacos and Dos Equis beer will cost about $10 and it’s it has just enough enough food and drink to reset the night or slide over to the off-ramp and end the night.




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