VIP Hosts Help Avoid the Line

Monday, 13 May 2013 by Blog Category: Nightlife.

Nightclubs are a big deal in Las Vegas. In fact, 8 of the top 10 nightclubs in America are located in Las Vegas. There’s always been demand to get into the Vegas nightclubs but nothing like this. Now the demand is so insane that the lines are huge at clubs up and down the Vegas strip instead of just one or two hot spots. The clubs are so packed at night that almost every nightclub has a dayclub where you can soak in some rays while catching a world famous DJ drop some beats.

The increased demand to get into clubs allows the operators to charge more money and increase how strict they are with dress codes and guy codes. You now have to bring an equal amount of guys and girls with your party to enter the club. This isn’t anything new but it has never been strictly enforced at all times and at every club. The newest and most grand club on the strip, Hakkasan, isn’t hiding the fact that you can’t have a party of just guys. What’s a bro supposed to do with his bros?

Loose Slots in Hot Spots: Slot Machine Placement

Saturday, 11 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Enduring folk wisdom claims that slot machines near a casino’s entry door pay better than those deeper within. A former vice-president at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas once said that their entryway machines and those nearest the elevators paid more freely because they lured customers into not only visiting the casino, but staying overnight when they vacationed in Vegas.

Many people believe the casinos still adhere to such practices, but it may be an inaccurate perception. Early slot machines, also known as pokies, operated using mechanical reels and were vulnerable to fraud. Further, each reel originally held ten symbols on each of the three reels, allowing for a potential 1,000 possible outcomes. Because a jackpot spin would happen every thousand times it was played, jackpot sizes were also limited. Even though the number of symbols on each reel was more than doubled in later versions, the odds remained limited to about one jackpot payout for every 10,000 spins.

New Feature – Las Vegas Weekly Wrap Up

Friday, 10 May 2013 by Blog Category: Weekly News.

Las Vegas is great because there’s always something happening. There may be a new show opening tonight and there may be an announcement of a new show opening in two years and everything in between. We hope to keep you up to date on all of the big news happening in Vegas that may effect your trip this weekend or your next trip in a year. Every week we’ll compile notes of what’s happening in Vegas that you should know. Here are this weeks news highlights in Vegas.

- Hotel rooms in Las Vegas are renovated about every 5 to 6 years and Rio just started to update almost 400 of their suites. You can see a rendering of the new Samba Suites at the POV Blog.

Las Vegas has something for everyone and every occasion. I’m always looking for a new experience in Vegas and one of the more extreme things to do is to legally and safely shoot guns. This is perfect for people that visit Vegas often and are looking for something new to do or for the bachelor party looking for a day time activity. The variety of gun ranges in Vegas extend from small indoor ranges on or near the Vegas strip to vast experiences outdoors in the sprawling deserts out in the Vegas suburbs. You can shoot anything from a handgun to rifles that have bullets traveling 2 miles. What you choose really matters how much time and money you want to spend.

Late Night Dining in Vegas Munchies!

Monday, 06 May 2013 by Blog Category: Food and Nightlife.

Let’s set the scene. It’s 4am and you’re done with the club or gambling or whatever Vegas had in store for you the night. All you want is something to eat before you pass out. While there’s usually a sit down restaurant in every casino resort but most hotels don’t have quick and inexpensive late night dining options. I’m talking about the place where you can get a drink and bite around $10 in just a few minutes.

I always recommend having at least one glass or bottle of water before crashing for the night. Rehydrating in a dry city like Las Vegas is important for the sober or unsober. Here are some of my favorite places to grab a quick cheap bite to eat inside and outside of a casino.

Downtown (Old Vegas) Gaming and Good Times

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 by Blog Category: Downtown - Old Vegas and Gaming.

Tourists that visit the Vegas strip are generally looking for fine dining, big name shows, awesome nightclubs with a little gambling here and there. The downtown Vegas crowd is different. Yes, there are good places to grab a bite downtown but you’re not going to find celebrity chefs posting up at The Plaza. Think about it this way; You’ll find the best $6 pancakes in the world at DuPar’s inside the Golden Gate Casino while you’ll probably find one of the best steaks at SW at Wynn Las Vegas. The difference is that the steak  will run you about $50 at SW. The choices of dining is subjective but the point isn’t. People that visit both parts of Vegas are different and that’s a great thing.

Let’s get technical for a minute. Gaming revenue still makes up the majority of income for Downtown Vegas casinos. This hasn’t been the case on the Vegas strip since 1999. If you visit a casino downtown you’ll see plenty of people gambling not waiting in line for a club. Some of those people are tourists in town to blow off steam, some of those are just playing there because they’re a little older and don’t feel comfortable being on the strip and some will be the smart gambler that knows where to find the best gambling odds.

Kids Can Enjoy Sin City Too

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

We all know that Sin City has something for everyone but what about the kiddies? I, myself do not have the issue as to how to entertain my offspring as my kid is a four legged, animal who does not enjoy the sun and is not allowed in most casinos because he is a K9. But, I do have many friends with children and there are a plethora of activities in Las Vegas to entertain even the most ADD child. First, please let me caution all the parents out there to take your children to do these things but do not leave them there unsupervised. I know this seems obvious to most, but just in case it was not, take my advice.

I grew up in a casino myself. I enjoyed every casino from Lake Tahoe to Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. There are a few really cool spots for children (and adults if you are young at heart, not pregnant and do not have an existing heart condition). Circus Circus in Las Vegas has an entire theme park called Adventuredome with full size rides. These are not your average carnival rides but roller coasters that could be found at Magic Mountain. The theme park is not too big where it is overwhelming but has enough choices in rides for the adventurous and the more timid child. If roller coasters are not your thing, than you could try laser tag, rock climbing, mini gold or the FX Theater. There is truly something for everyone at the Adventuredome and you will be entertained all day.

Chinatown and Off Strip Asian Dining

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 by Blog Category: Food.

There is so much great dining on the Vegas strip that it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is a rather large city of 2 million people. Like most bigger cities in America, the different ethnicities break out into certain sections in the city. Most larger cities have a section of town called “Chinatown”. In Vegas, Chinatown is just off the strip heading west on Spring Mountain Road. Spring Mountain is the road that crosses the Vegas strip in between The Palazzo and Wynn. While Chinatown in many cities is exclusively Chinese it’s a little different Vegas (of course). Chinatown is made up of all Asian ethnicities so you’ll find a great selection of the best Asian goods from Vietnam to Japan and, of course, China.

The dining in Chinatown is the most authentic Asian cuisine that you’ll find anywhere in Vegas. You’ll also find some of the most cost effective dining in Las Vegas in Chinatown where you can easily find of dinner’s for under $10. The money you may spend on a cab from the Vegas strip you’ll save on the cost of the meal. Since this is Las Vegas and not the Vegas strip just about every restaurant you’ll find are located in strip malls.

Craft Beer Scene in Vegas

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 by Blog Category: Food.

Up until last year it wasn’t awesome being a beer drinker in Vegas. The beer selection in Las Vegas was held to your typical American macro brews Bud, Coors and Miller. Sure you could find some bars and restaurants with a few different beers but there weren’t many. It’s strange to think that a town famous for its fine dining and great cocktail rooms wouldn’t treat beer with the same reverence. Thankfully that has changed and the craft beer revolution has hit Las Vegas!

By definition craft beer are small, independent and traditional beer makers. I prefer craft beers because I like beers with a more robust flavor. The traditional American beers aren’t the most flavorful or interesting tasting beers. Craft beers are usually more expensive so it makes sense why a casino wouldn’t carry them but even that’s changing with some casinos offering Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada, the number 1 and 2 craft beer companies in America, at the tables and slot machines. On the casino floor I will always opt for a Sierra Nevada if Nevada if available.

Summertime is near and I am excited to finish my no carb diet so that I can be swimsuit ready for insane Las Vegas pool parties. The pool parties are an essential part of Las Vegas partying from Memorial to Labor Day weekend every summer. Even if you don’t like DJ’s and electronic music, you still need to go at least once. Let me tell you that I go every year, and every year I am amazed at the people that prance through the doors ready for anything. There are all types at these parties. The women are usually so buffed that you mistake them for men, look like they just stepped off the stripper pole or you recognize them as the plane Jane from next door. The men also look as if they work out to a fault where they have no necks and their arms extend directly from their heads, or the frat boys from your college, or a total nerd rolling in the dough to be able to afford a cabana right next to the DJ.