Summer kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend in just a few day. That means that it’s time to get in the spirit of enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Sure a little air conditioning comes in handy when it’s 115 degrees in the shade but a nice cold beverage and a bite to eat in the warm desert air is always something to look forward to.

There have been a lot of changes to the Vegas Strip over the past year with a lot more coming in the next couple of years. Many of the hotel renovations have been to bring the property closer to the people. Extending many restaurants and bars out to the Vegas Strip makes it easier for us to walk into a hotel-casino. These renovations speak to many people that are visiting Las Vegas to relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Let’s eat, drink, be merry and do some people watching! People watching is one of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas as you have people from many different cultures all over the world. The Vegas Strip is a melting – both pot literally and figuratively. While just about every bit of construction has some kind of outdoor element not everywhere is opened to the Vegas Strip.

For example, while Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar lets you sit to on the same level as pedestrians just off to the side of the Vegas Strip. You people watch here and enjoy it in a way you can’t do that around the corner at Chayo or Yard House inside The Linq. Inside The Linq you’ll only see mall shoppers and ferris wheel riders. The Linq is a little more family oriented that the chaotic fun that you’ll see on the Vegas Strip.

Below is a list of great strip-side dining where you can eat a complete meal, drink adult beverages and people watch outside at all of these restaurants. How you choose to enjoy your time at these restaurants is up to you.

Mon Ami GabiParis – Amazing view of both the Vegas Strip and Bellagio fountains. You’re raised a few feet above the ground so you’ll never be bothered. Note, be careful of the time when you eat here, when the sun sets behind the Bellagio and it can be bothersome and HOT.

Cabo Wabo & PBR Rock BarPlanet Hollywood – You’re about 10 feet above the pedestrians on the Vegas Strip but have a view of everything going on. Both restaurants can get rowdy as they’re probably bars first and restaurants second.

Lavo & Morels - Palazzo – Upscale and somewhat private dining above the pedestrians on the Vegas Strip. While you’re separated from foot traffic you have a great view. Both are great for relaxing dinner and/or lunch.

Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and BarThe Quad – Bring flavortown out to the middle of the Vegas Strip. You’re level with pedestrians but separated by railing. If people watching is your game this is a great spot.

Sambalatte, Yusho, 800 Degrees Pizza, Double Barrel RoadhouseMonte Carlo – This is the beginning of The Park concept between Monte Carlo and New York-New York. Everything is open to the Vegas Strip if you like.

Nine Fine IrishmenNew York-New York – Recent renovations bring the Irish Pub out to the Vegas Strip in a way more than ever before. Inside or outside this is one of the best Irish Pubs in Las Vegas.

There are plenty more restaurants where you can eat outside in Las Vegas but not everywhere allows you to eat, drink and people watch on the Vegas Strip. We’ll share more ways to relax outside in Vegas all summer long.


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