The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) just ended and my feet are killing me! I walked the expo floor more than usual and I can still feel it. The gaming conference and expo bring the casino and gaming industry together. Panels discuss casino operations while the expo hall is where casinos go shopping.
There are vendors pitching everything from new casino games to the food and beverages that casinos will offer. It’s a fun event to cover since there’s so much to see, do, and learn.
Penny slots are the most popular games on the casino floors in Las Vegas and around the country. Even though independently created themes like Buffalo are popular, the branded themes get the most attention. (Don’t worry, there are 3-5 new Buffalo games coming to casinos)
The popular themed slot machines connect with a casino guest beyond gambling. Memories from these themes can be from last year or 50 years ago. This year IGT introduced a “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” slot machine that will connect with slot players in their late 30’s and 40’s. Meanwhile, Aristocrat introduced a new version of slot machine with the Game of Thrones theme.
Instead of writing about the games that you’ll see in casinos over the next year, let’s look at the new slot machines!
Before getting to the themed games there’s one non-branded item to share. One of the coolest slot machine installations I saw at G2E was this four-game walkway from Aristocrat.
The games are Aristocrat themes but they’re played inside of the installation. It’s pretty neat looking but I’m not sure sitting inside those lights for a long time will be as cool as it looks. Playing with those bright lights might be like this.
Slot machines inspired by game shows seem to be a popular theme this year.

Press Your Luck




$25,000 Pyramid


Joker’s Wild with Snoop Dogg


The Price Is Right (Plinko is also just hitting casinos)

Movies and TV shows will always make for popular slot machine themes. I’m sure I missed a few of these themed games but there are literally thousands of games to check out.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Karate Kid


Mad Max Fury Road


The Mask


Star Trek: Next Generation


Game Of Thrones


The Walking Dead

There even more games with these from music, arcade games, and a long-famous fortune teller.

Sir Mix A Lot







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