The spread of COVID-19 around the world has slowed down a lot of industries. Casino and gaming outfits are no different than most businesses. As you know by now, casinos were closed for a while to help slow the spread of the virus. Excitement to return to casinos was high for a limited audience. Las Vegas casinos were only able to operate at 50% capacity. There wasn’t a need for new casino games as people were just happy to get out of the house and enjoy one of their favorite forms of entertainment.
Things are beginning to change as gaming manufacturers and casino operators are getting back to work. The casino experience may be different but it’s a start. While most casino games remain the same from earlier in the year we’re going to start seeing some new slot machines and table games.
Some of the new games in casinos may look familiar from when they debuted at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) last year. Unfortunately, G2E won’t be taking place this year so we might not have the fun preview of all the new casino games. Let’s take a look at some games you might see the next time you visit a Las Vegas casino.
Cash Express (Aristocrat)
Aristocrat is re purposing some of its most popular slot machine titles as part of the Cash Express line. You can now play
Buffalo, 50 Lions, and Timber Wolf with the added bonus feature.

Buffalo Chief (Aristocrat)
Speaking of Buffalo slot machines, there’s another new version called Buffalo Cheif coming soon. There’s also a new Buffalo slot space at Silverton Casino called Buffalo Crossing. Look for a room similar to Buffalo Bar at Rampart Casino.

Hexbreaker 3 (IGT)
This game was first revealed at G2E last year. The newest version of Hexbreaker is in casinos now. It’s loud and features new technology including a unique bonus feature. There’s also a creepy cat if you’re into that.

I Luv Suits Poker (Scientific Games)
Different variations of poker make for some of the more popular non-traditional casino games. While blackjack remains the most popular game in Las Vegas casinos there are plenty of other card games to play. 3 Card Poker is probably the most popular variation of a poker game in casinos. I Love Suits Poker picks up where games other poker variants have left off.

Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper (Scientific Games)
Willy Wonka remains one of the most popular slot machines themes in casinos today. The latest version – Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper – should continue the popularity of the theme. This game started arriving in casinos just before they closed earlier this year. The new game has the typical Wonka fun you expect with new bonus features.

Silent Hill (Konami)
I’ve come across a few horror-themed slot machines this year. The presentation of these games is always pretty cool. Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of entertainment I look for when visiting a casino. They’re cool to check out whether you like this genre or not.

Jumbo Edge (Incredible Technologies)
This is pretty boring on the surface. However, it’s interesting if you’re a person curious about why certain games end up in casinos. These concepts are a sign of the times. This shows the ways casino gaming manufacturers have to think about when selling games to casinos.

Crazy Money and Hong Kong Double Delux (Incredible Technologies)
Incredible Technologies makes some of the most fun, loud, and obnoxious slot machines you’ll see in casinos. I have a love/hate relationship depending on my mood. These particular games debuted last year at G2E and started to make their way into casinos earlier this year. The cabinets are immersive and useful for keeping a distance from other players.



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