The Neon Museum is one of the best places to learn about or relive the history of Las Vegas. The museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs. Yes, signs. These signs tell more interesting tales of history than most books you’ll read.
Sure, there are other museums that are dedicated to history in Las Vegas but there’s a different kind of history in these original signs in Las Vegas. Many of the signs are geared towards the kind history that you either lived or may have seen in the movies or on TV. This isn’t like learning from a 4th-grade History book and this isn’t your typical museum and these aren’t the typical artifacts that you’d find in a museum.
The most popular part of the Neon Museum is the Neon Boneyard, which includes Neon Boneyard Park and Neon Boneyard North Gallery. All together you’ll see over 250 signs from different eras Las Vegas including infamous signs from the Stardust, Caesars Palace and Binion’s Horseshoe.
Guided tours of the Neon Boneyard not only give you the chance to see the signs up close but you’ll also learn about the history behind and around each sign. Each tour takes about an hour and they run fairly often. These tours are great for history buffs and anyone who really loves Vegas.
Anyone can take pictures while taking the Neon Boneyard tours but there’s a special tour if you’re a photography buff. This tour is great if you want better quality photos than a the kind that you’re just going to run through a filter on Instagram. Twice a month (you’ll have to schedule in advance) the Neon Museum offers a special one-hour-long photo tour.
Photo tours allow avid photographers to have access to the Neon Boneyard for one hour without the distraction of multiple guests who may get in the way of perfect photos of these artifacts. These tours are intended for personal, not commercial, use. You may use the photos for social media, personal (not commercial) websites and personal items like holiday cards. If you’re looking for professional photo sessions, like a wedding or for a print magazine, you can contact the museum to set up a photoshoot.
Regular and photography tours can be booked at Costs vary depending on the day, time and type of tour. Prices range anywhere from free for children under 6 to $75 for a photo tour. Taking a tour around dusk is the perfect time to take a variety of pictures that may not even have to be filtered to look good. This gives different kinds of lighting which will give the pictures different looks.


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