Dining is no longer just eating a meal. All around the world restaurants are looking to separate themselves from the pack. Some restaurants simply offer great food to be the best restaurant. Other restaurants have good food and unique design inside of the restaurant to create an instantly instagrammable meal. Then there are restaurants all around the country that can chalk their popularity up to one simple word – location.
Sometimes having a great location is all a restaurant needs to set itself apart from the pack. Opentable recently revealed their 100 most scenic restaurants in America list for 2018. Three of the restaurants are in Las Vegas but it probably should be more.
Diners are always looking to enhance their travels and often look to enjoy the beautiful scenery of their vacation spot to do so. The memories formed while eating a great meal with a beautiful backdrop can last forever. I’ll never forget my first visit to Prime at Bellagio. We dined outside on the patio right on Lake Bellagio. The backdrop for dinner was the Vegas Strip and the beautiful fountain shows. The food wasn’t bad either.
Vacationers around the country dine from wooded overlooks to lovely skylines. Las Vegas is special in that the skyline is more than most cities have to offer. The cityscape often has a beautiful mountainous backdrop. Dining at dusk is a beautiful time as the sun is setting in the west behind the Red Rock mountain range.

Top Three Scenic Restaurants In Las Vegas

You can actually see the Bellagio and mountain range during sunset when you dine at the most popular scenic restaurant in Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas offers gorgeous views from the center of the Vegas Strip. Not only can you see the bright lights of Las Vegas but you’re so high that you can see the sunset behind Red Rock Canyon.
If heights aren’t your thing, you can opt for another great location at Paris Las Vegas. The patio at Mon Ami Gabi is just a few feet above the Vegas Strip. The line of sight to Bellagio is great. You’re also high enough where it doesn’t feel like tourists are walking into your meal.
Mon Ami Gabi has some of the best-priced al fresco dining and views in Las Vegas. This is a casual restaurant with casual prices. They also have delicious bacon and coffee in the morning. MAG, as the cool kids call it, is my favorite breakfast spot on the Vegas Strip.
Word of caution: The patio can get extremely hot during sunset since the sun sets behind the Bellagio and onto the patio of MAG. If you have to eat here at that time, stay inside the atrium. You’ll still have the fresh air but the sun won’t make the utensils so hot that you can’t pick them up to eat.
The other most popular scenic restaurant in Las Vegas is Top of The World at the Stratosphere. This is fine dining at fair prices with one of the best views in all of Las Vegas. The best part of the scenery here is that you don’t have a single view of Las Vegas here. Top of The World revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. That should give you a backdrop of every part of Las Vegas while you enjoy a high-end dinner.


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