Technically, Resorts World Las Vegas opened in late June. I visited a few times and had a great time exploring the newest Las Vegas casino. The property is massive and is the kind of grand casino experience that visitors expect on the Vegas Strip.
While wandering through the casino on those early visits II did notice that there were still some restaurants with “coming soon” signs. Even without these venues the newest casino resort on the Vegas Strip already has more places to eat and drink than most in Las Vegas.
Well, not only are there eight more restaurants and bars opening this summer but the spa just opened.
The following venues are on schedule to open at Resorts World Las Vegas this fall and winter:

  • Bar Zazu
  • Carversteak
  • Caviar Bar
  • Eight (cigar) Lounge
  • Mulberry Street Pizza
  • Tacos El Cabron
  • Tiger Sugar
  • Zouk Nightclub

Zouk Nightclub opened on Sept. 17 so it may be open depending on when you read this. Even though the steakhouse and cigar lounge aren’t open yet, I already have reservations in my head for both.
A group of friends is visiting later this year. Our tentative plan is to check out the casino before having a steak dinner followed by cigars and drinks. After the ground floor experience, we’re planning for more drinks with a great view of Las Vegas at Starlight on 66.
While these venues haven’t opened yet, the Awana Spa recently opened. If the crew ends up staying at Resorts World, I have a feeling they’ll end up here one morning.

Awana Spa Opens

Awana Spa is offering an experience not available anywhere else in the country. The spa is the first of its kind by offering personalized treatments, immersive facilities, and approachable wellness offerings.
Awana Pool 1
Furthermore, the theatrical Art of Aufguss will make its U.S. debut at Awana Spa. This is inspired by European saunas that provide rejuvenation and social gathering for the shared goal of greater well-being.
For this experience, the spa showcases a theater-inspired heated room with aromatherapy, choreographed music, lighting, and dancing towels. This is a 30-minute themed experience that is an avant-garde, social experience that intends to relax, invigorate and inspire playfulness.
“Awana Spa’s uniqueness stems from tapping into traditional, world-renowned treatments, with a social twist. The experience will be pleasantly unpredictable as our distinctive architecture, music and services provide a spa experience like no other that taps into Vegas’ essence,” said Jennifer Lynn, spa director at Resorts World Las Vegas “Unlike most spas, socialization is at our core through services such as the Art of Aufguss, that provides a spectacular and entertaining wellness experience.
In addition to traditional spa treatments, there’s a state-of-the-art “Fountain of Youth” experience. This experience has a network of six vitality pools, heated Crystal laconium room, tepidarium chairs, vapor-filled steam rooms, cool mist showers, and the experiential Rain Walk.
While Awana is bringing a new spa experience to Las Vegas, it doesn’t leave out the traditional treatments. The spa offers a variety of new and conventional massages, bodywork, facials and there’s also a foot spa lounge. The latter may come in handy after walking through the property and exploring all that Resorts World Las Vegas has to offer.


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