The Mirage Hotel, which is centrally located, really has something for everyone. With a price point usually double the low end hotels on the strip, it can be well worth the upgrade. If I were to sum up a stay in a few words “Classic comfort with a streak of excitement.” I think the warm feeling without the worry of knocking over a $10,000 vase is why I find myself comfortably counting sheep in their beds.

Now I said this place has something for everyone and one spot has everyone covered the Dolphin, tiger and animal sanctuary officially named Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. This is a must whether you are staying here or not. I have never been anywhere that allows you such close access to the animals. This lends to a very intimate feel with the animals that I have not experienced at any zoo. If I wasn’t always pressed for time during the day I could see spending a few hours here every visit.

The second hit great for all ages is LOVE by Cirque Du Soliel. If you like the Beatles you must go. If you like Cirque stage shows you must go. Really I cant think of anyone that wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy a night here. You don’t have to take my word for it the soundtrack has been awarded three Grammys and the show has been highly praised by many respected sources.

Another great show is hosted by Ventriloquist Terry Fator and much better than you may expect. The first time I saw this show I really did not think I would be seeing a “Vegas Icon” but I was. The amazing talent this guy has of singing better than most without even moving his lips is insane. He also has the ability of being truly funny without being profane. A true class act and must see.

Now if you know any thing about Las Vegas you are likely also familiar with the Mirage Volcano. This icon of the strip has recently been re created by the same minds that created Bellagio’s fountain show. The volcano now features a lake full of computerized flame throwers set to the music of The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. The jungle drum soundtrack mixed with the heat and excitement makes for an unforgettable 15 minute experience.

I will not go into details but it is worth noting a few places the whole family can enjoy before we get to the adult stuff. The pool is better than most very well sized and themed with tropical accents including natural looking waterfalls. With many dining choices you should be able to eat every meal somewhere different without leaving during an average 3-4 night stay. My personal favorite is “BLT Burger” which is also on top of my overall best burger in town list.

Okay now for the 21 and over crowd. Before the sun goes down and the neon takes over you can start pre gaming at Bare. This is a topless pool & day club located behind the family friendly pool. No it is not mandatory that women expose all but be warned you will mst likely enter a full out party.

If you are looking for an after dinner comedy Mirage hosts “Aces of Comedy.” Headliners include A-list comedians such as Drew Carey, Ray Romano, Daniel Tosh, Kevin James & Ray Romano, Ron White, Jay Leno, Lewis Black and the list goes on.

If you are really looking to party and I mean till the sun comes up 1 Oak is one of the newest hotspots. This place brings NYC and Las Vegas club action together in a way you may not likely remeber. Stacked with top notch DJ’s and A-list celebrity every night this place is open is a true party.

I know there are many fantastic Hotels and Resorts in and around Las Vegas but this is always on my list to rate check when coming into town. It does have a higher rate then the bed and pillow joints. There are also many places more that are more expensive and newer. This is a good middle of the road for me and I feel confident recommending it to most. If would also suggest you check here: List of Mirage promo codes for the best rates available.

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