Getting the best offers from Las Vegas casinos isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of receiving rewards for being polite and smiling. Don’t laugh, this used to work for me. It still doesn’t hurt to be polite but the best casino rewards for the average guest are usually based on computers and/or are doled out by a manager or host.
Earning rewards from casino loyalty programs may not be as easy as it was in the past. However, earning rewards is usually clearly laid out by the casino loyalty program. The keyword here is “loyalty.”

Casino Loyalty

The terminology of casino rewards programs has changed over the years. These programs were first called players clubs. The programs were created to reward players (AKA gamblers). That changed as customer spending changed.
When Las Vegas casino guests were no longer spending the majority of their money gambling, the programs became loyalty rewards. These programs gave rewards to guests for spending throughout the property. This was the precursor to the programs today.
Casino rewards programs are designed to offer rewards and benefits to its most loyal customers – no matter where they spend money. Las Vegas casinos now offer points and credits to guests spending money on hotel rooms, at bars and restaurants, and on hotel rooms.
On a personal note, I probably get as many points from eating, drinking, and staying at casinos as I do from gambling. This is new for me. I used to depend on offers and rewards exclusively from gambling. I’d even play certain games so I could maximize my rewards. Today, my casino trips are a balance of everything.

Maximizing Loyalty

If a casino visitor is loyal to one program, the odds are that they’ll receive better rewards than those who spread their money around town. This is the best way to maximize loyalty rewards.
The idea sounds simple but in Las Vegas, it actually takes some effort. Minimally this is something to think about. If you’re an obsessive type, this may take serious planning.
If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck in rewards it helps to spend most of your money with one program. Even better would be spending the money at the property you want the rewards.
For example, if you’re an MGM Resorts M Life Rewards member that wants rewards at Bellagio, that would be the best property in the chain to spend money on. Similarly, if you want to get the best rewards at an individual property like the Cosmopolitan then you should spend more money there than elsewhere.
Let’s use a $100 budget to show how this could work:

  1. Spend $100 all at one property and receive maximum rewards.
  2. Spend $25 at four properties and receive minimal reward everywhere.


Finding The Right Mix

The examples above are extreme to prove a point. Many people visiting Las Vegas want to explore all Sin City has to offer. This may involve visiting businesses in properties all over town. That’s part of the fun of visiting Las Vegas.
Finding the right mix of where to spend money to maximize rewards is important. Rewards often help save money in one location so you can spend elsewhere. Being loyal to a rewards program doesn’t mean that you can’t spend money elsewhere.
Using the $100 example from above, you can still maximize rewards by spending more with an individual program. Maybe you plan a meal(s), a show(s), and gamble at the property you want rewards from. Don’t forget to use your rewards card to receive credit for the spending.
You can gamble higher limits at the property you want the rewards. When I was focused on one rewards program I would play high-limit games at those properties. I’d risk minimum bets elsewhere. This allowed more money to go to rewards I actually wanted.
The easiest way to do all this is to stay where you receive good offers and spend mostly at the property. This allows you to charge everything you spend to the room which is the best way to accumulate rewards.
Every bottle of water, cup of coffee, snack, etc. will help build points and credits which will lead to better rewards. Of course, big-ticket spending on meals, drinks, gambling, and spa treatments will help even more.
Focusing on where to spend money will usually lead to the best casino offers and rewards. This is something to keep in mind when planning a trip to Las Vegas.


Marc Meltzer covers Las Vegas, gaming and men’s lifestyle for various outlets. Check out his blog at Edge Vegas.
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