Just because Las Vegas can be a cheap place for vacation doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sure, you can book a hotel on one end of the Vegas Strip because it’s $10 less than a property in the middle of the action. Last week we showed you some ways to save on your Vegas vacation using websites and mobile devices.

This week we’re going to look at some old fashion lo-fi ways to save a few bucks on your next trip to Las Vegas. Not all of us spend our day in front of a computer and can hunt down deals online in-between phone calls, proposals and meetings. There are a few simple ways to save cash when you visit Las Vegas. I’m not talking about watching the fountains at Bellagio (just an example, you should see the fountains) to pass the time. I’m talking about paying less for activities that cost money.

There is a lot you can do before you even book your trip to Las Vegas that can help you save money. You’ll save money (up to $100-$200 per ticket) by travelling on certain days. I just saved $150 flying east by flying on a Tuesday instead of Sunday or Monday. Airlines usually have sales on Wednesdays so you can find great rates on airlines by looking and booking midweek.

Booking your flights midweek will also save you money on hotel rooms as they’re always less expensive Sunday through Thursday. You can get even cheaper hotel rooms if you’re a member of a casino/hotel players club. Here’s my handy list of all Las Vegas players clubs if you want to sign up at home. You can also sign up when in Las Vegas.

Cabs are often the easiest way to get around Las Vegas but it’s also one of the more expensive ways to get around. Renting a car in Las Vegas is fairly inexpensive and if you plan on leaving the Vegas strip or Downtown Vegas it’s a great way to get around. Depending on where you stay you can recoup almost half the cost by not taking cabs to and from the airport. It must be said – don’t drink and drive if you rent a car.

If you plan to stay on the Vegas Strip you can walk in, out and around the casinos to get to your destination. You can also take the free monorails behind the hotels on the west side of the Vegas Strip or pay for a weeklong monorail pass for the west side of the street and to the Las Vegas convention center.

Players clubs may also get you discount show tickets. There are two great ways to get cheap show tickets when in Las Vegas. Tix4Tonight has deeply discounted tickets to over 100 Las Vegas shows. Tix4Tonight has locations all over the Vegas Strip for easy access. If you have a long vacation planned you might want to sit through one of the timeshare sales meetings for totally free tickets. I’d only recommend doing that if you don’t mind sitting around. This is actually a nice way to grab some air conditioning in the summer time.

The granddaddy of all money savings in Las Vegas are to sign up for coupon books. For $50 you can sign up for the Las Vegas Advisor Coupon book which has hundreds of dollars in savings on restaurants, hotels and shows.

For $11.95 you can buy the “American Casino Guide” which offers over $1,000 in discounts in casinos in Las Vegas and all across the country. You can see the full list of coupons here.

If you’re a couponer and like messing around online the Vegas Message Board has a coupon swap forum. This isn’t for the light hearted so I recommend you know your stuff before heading to the forum.

There are always new ways to save money. In fact, I learned a new way to save today. Enjoy a day at the best spa’s in Las Vegas but don’t buy a treatment. Admission is often around $25 and you can use the jacuzzi, saunas, etc. The treatments are where the hotels make the bulk of their money in the spa. Between living and visiting Las Vegas for so many years I thought knew everything. Nope.


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