The report from starts off with “(w)ith one “meatery” for every 3,937 residents, there’s no better city in America for meat lovers than Las Vegas.” When you put it that way, there’s no better place in America for meat lovers than Las Vegas.
The report ranked cities based on the number of BBQ restaurants, hamburger joints, steakhouses, meat retailers, butcher shops and any restaurant where beef is served per resident. Las Vegas ranks third in the US for the number of meat retailers, 48th in BBQ restaurants, and 112th in steakhouses and burger joints.
While In N Out Burger is so popular for tourists visiting Las Vegas there are a total of 132 Burger Kings, McDonald’s and Wendy’s in Las Vegas.
Let’s stick to the premise that this report is true and Las Vegas is the best city in the country for meat lovers. There are plenty of great meat restaurants in Las Vegas. I don’t believe in absolute best or worsts because a lot of things can affect every experience. Having said that, here are some great places to eat meat in Las Vegas.


The great steakhouse boom earlier in the 2000s brought steakhouses to just about every casino in Las Vegas. Only the strong survived and Las Vegas is left with some great steakhouses that are on par with any city in America.
Steak is a passion for me so it’s difficult to narrow this down. Here are a few different steakhouses you can find in casinos:
SW (Wynn), Heritage (The Mirage), StripSteak (Mandalay Bay), CraftSteak (MGM Grand), Andiamo (The D), and Oscar’s (Plaza).
There are plenty more great steakhouses but this should get you started down the road of delicious steaks. There are two steakhouses that take a slightly different approach to meat.
Jean George’s (Aria) and Bazaar Meats (SLS): Jean George’s is a traditional steakhouse but the short rib is phenomenal. Everything I’ve tried here is phenomenal. This a great restaurant for anyone but especially for meat lovers. Bazaar Meats is more just than a steakhouse. The huge menu is chock full of meat. Dining here is an experience unlike any other restaurant in Las Vegas.

Burger Joints

There was a burger joint boom after the steakhouse boom ended in Las Vegas. Fancy craft burgers took a $2-$5 fast food experience and increased the price to $15-$20. While high-end steakhouses demanded $100 meals, the lower priced burger joints offered a moderately priced meal.
Here are a couple of great burgers in Las Vegas:
Holsteins (Cosmopolitan)
There’s only one burger on this menu on the menu for me. The “Gold Standard” has everything from a great burger to delicious toppings. The smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, baby arugula, and garlic-chive aioli make for a taste explosion unlike most burgers in Las Vegas. Beer drinkers will appreciate the huge list of beer.
BBD’s (Palace Station)
This is one of the newer burger joints in Las Vegas. The vibe here is hard rock and beef. The burgers are on the pricey side ($19+) but delicious. The music ranges from Metallica to AC/DC. While the jams sound loud on a computer screen, they’re low enough to where you barely notice them if you don’t want to. This burger is a great excuse to check out the recently remodeled and expanded Palace Station.

BBQ Restaurants

BBQ restaurants have been opening left and right over the past couple of years. This is another lower priced cuisine that’s usually affordable for most bankrolls. The number of BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas is still growing and the best are rising to the top. The worst will close over the next couple of years.
Here are a couple of standout BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas:
Mabel’s BBQ (Palms)
Mabel’s is one of the newest BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas. Chef Michael Symon brings Cleveland BBQ to Las Vegas. You’re not alone if you didn’t know Cleveland BBQ was a thing. The moist brisket is one of the best BBQ dishes you’ll find anywhere in Las Vegas.
Rollin’ Smoke (multiple locations)
Rollin’ Smoke has multiple locations around Las Vegas. My first experience was at the original location just off the Vegas Strip on South Highland. They now have locations near Summerlin and at Pawn Plaza in downtown Las Vegas. The meats here are among the best in Las Vegas. Skip the sides, the meat is all you need.


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