Las Vegas dining is all about trends. When it comes to dining, whatever kind of restaurant is popular around the country always ends up in Las Vegas. This is why so many restaurants change every year. There’s always room for traditional food and restaurants but you’ll always find the latest and greatest dining concepts in Las Vegas.
My favorite dining trends happened about five years ago. High-end steakhouses and upscale burger joints were the cool new restaurants popping up everywhere you look. It’s always fun to try the newest offerings with your favorite foods. I took the opportunity to explore many of the trendy restaurants. Some were good, others were greats, and some are out of business now for a reason.
Trends have moved on to other concepts and only the best steak and burger restaurants are still around. Besides generating revenue, restaurant trends happen for a reason. Customer preferences for dining change often. Sadly my favorite restaurant trends are a thing of the past. There’s a more broad trend for restaurants that are offering food from different countries.
Dining trends today are actually beginning with the physical buildings themselves. The trend towards pretty, cute and kitschy restaurants can be seen all around the country. You won’t find this too much at the fine dining restaurants on the Vegas Strip. However, you will notice this design trend sat new restaurants around town. This article from Verge has a lot of information on instagramable restaurant design.
Back to the food.
The desire to be on Instagram isn’t just with the design. Restaurants want to make their food prettier and cuter so it’s more prone to be shared on Instagram or Snapchat. Steak and burgers may be delicious but they’re not very photogenic. On the other hand, food with bright colors can look great in photos and videos. We’re seeing that play out in Las Vegas.
It might sound strange to think that pictures of food might be dictating what we see in restaurants but that’s a real factor. We’re seeing more bright, pretty, and cute food. Earlier this year I had these adorable grilled cheese sliders from Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock.
We’re starting to see more ethnic restaurants open in Las Vegas serving a wide variety of colorful food. On the Vegas Strip, we see bright and colorful Latin food Chica at The Venetian. Momofuku and Zuma at Cosmopolitan offer different kinds of beautiful Asian food.
This isn’t just a fine dining trend. Even Dirt Dog at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops has beautiful and instagrammable Hot Dogs. Halal Guys recently opened the first restaurant of its kind on the Vegas Strip at the Forum Food Court at Caesars. Don’t be surprised if you see more restaurants at different price points offering cuisine from different locations around the world.
Las Vegas is a slave to trends and there’s one here that you don’t see consolidated around the county. From fine dining to fast casual, celebrity chefs remain popular in Las Vegas. Giada De Laurentiis and Gordon Ramsay will be opening new restaurants at Caesars Palace next year. Three more celebrity chefs, including Bobby Flay, will open restaurants at Palms next year. This is a trend that won’t go away.
While some people want the newest and coolest food, some people just want familiar names and brands. Celebrity chefs and chain restaurants bring some familiarity to customers. Las Vegas is always on top of trends nationally and locally. Expect to see more of the things people love popping up next year in Las Vegas.


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