Trip Advisor rates Las Vegas as one of the most affordable cities for a vacation in America. While that’s true there is a lot of temptation to upgrade your Vegas vacation. It seems like everywhere you turn in Las Vegas there’s an opportunity to upgrade spend more money. “You can upgrade that beer for $2” “You can upgrade your room to get a view of the Vegas Strip for $15 a night”and you can upgrade show tickets to sit closer for just a few bucks more. Before you know it your affordable vacation just got a little less affordable.

On top of all of the upgrade options in Las Vegas there are a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants that are so beautiful and tempting to take your vacation to the next level. While Las Vegas can be a very affordable city to visit it can also be an expensive city to visit.

Technology has made finding discounts for Las Vegas easier to obtain than ever. Start with Travel Vegas where you can find discounts on your computer at home and on your mobile device when you’re out and about. There are hundreds of coupon codes for Las Vegas and lots of other discounted hotel and show discounts.

Whether or not you receive email offers from Groupon you can download their app and keep an eye on Las Vegas discounts. Groupon offers discounts that are useful for tourists and locals alike. You probably don’t want that oil change discount when you’re in Las Vegas but the half price rooms at various hotels may come in handy.

ValPak has a similar app to Groupon. You may be more familiar with ValPak by the giant envelope of unwanted coupons you receive in your mailbox at home. The ValPak app is more geared towards Vegas locals and that’s what makes it a great find for tourists. You’ll find discount for 10%-50% off of the restaurants locals visit.

We’ve discussed playing MyVegas of Facebook before but it shouldn’t be overlooked for a way to get great discounts when planning a Vegas vacation. MyVegas offers plenty of free and discounted hotel rooms, meals and show tickets for all 10 of the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. I follow one of the fan clubs on Facebook and there are couples that play the game and earn enough points to get almost a free weekend in Las Vegas. That’s awesome.

Geo-Location apps for your mobile phone should not be forgotten when travelling anywhere – especially in Las Vegas. Both Yelp and Foursquare have plenty of offers when you check into bars and restaurants in Las Vegas. Many of the offers at bars are for BOGO (Buy one get one free) drinks. That’s a 50% discount on drinks at many different bars. The dining discounts are usually for $5 or so and work best if you’re having lunch since that meal is usually less expensive. Pro tip: Buy your BOGO drinks at the bar and bring them to lunch. This will save $5+ on two soft drinks.

Happy Hour is a great way to save money in Las Vegas. Some bars and restaurants offer deeply discounted drinks and snacks. Be warned that not all Happy Hour’s offer substantial discounts. If you plan your evening correctly you can find some great deals for early dinner and drinks. Happy Hour is a great way to get your weeknight in Las Vegas started early. WOO HOO. You can download the Happy Hours app by GoTime to find Happy Hour deals in Las Vegas and the rest of the country.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Las Vegas and lose track of how much money you’re spending. There are many easy ways to save money on your next trip to Las Vegas but using your mobile phone may be the easiest since you can do it wherever you are.


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