Westgate Las Vegas recently upgraded their players club. The new WOW Rewards is more of a traditional loyalty program than the slot club it used to be. The new tiered customer loyalty program will reward guests for playing their favorite slots, table games, and sports bets. The new loyalty club will also reward for retail purchases and dining at one of the many restaurants at Westgate Las Vegas.
This upgrade of the Westgate loyalty puts it on par with the most popular casino loyalty clubs in Las Vegas. As surprising as it sounds, there are still slot clubs that don’t reward guests for all money spent at their casinos. Kudos to Westgate for the improvement to their loyalty/players club. You can find out more information at westgatelasvegas.com.
Casino players and loyalty clubs are a great way to get the most out of a trip to Las Vegas. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your favorite casino loyalty clubs.
Sign Up For Casino Loyalty Clubs
You can earn points for benefits and complimentary items by using the card whenever you spend money. However, the benefits may start before you even begin to spend money. Some casino loyalty clubs will offer discounts at their casinos or with businesses that they’re partners with just for signing up.
MGM Resorts’ M Life Rewards members can receive hotel room discounts at their properties right away. Members can even earn discounts at businesses outside of casinos with the M Life Rewards preferred partners. The next step sounds like common sense but is often forgotten.
Use The Loyalty Club Card
Obviously, the more you use the casino loyalty clubs the more perks you’ll receive. Each tier of a casino loyalty club comes with its own set of benefits. Sometimes the benefits are as simple as complimentary room upgrades or larger discounts at participating outlets. Caesars Entertainment’s top tiers offer one of the best benefits.
Diamond and Seven Stars Total Rewards members do not have to pay resort fees on hotel rooms. This is a legitimate saving with a value of $35-$39 per night. This is a unique benefit that only Caesars Entertainment guests receive. No other casino loyalty clubs offer complimentary resort fees.
Earning points in a casino is easier than ever. Just make sure to present your card when paying for meals, shopping or anytime you spend money. The person you pay should remind you to present your card but they might forget.
Of course, using the casino loyalty cards still, work when gambling. You should use the card every time you spend money…sometimes
Don’t Always Use The Loyalty Club Card
Loyalty club offers from casino operators are based on how much you spend every day. Sometimes it may make sense not to use the loyalty club card every day. Offers are given to guests based on their average daily spend. You can easily alter your average by only spending a few dollars one day during a trip that you’ve previously spent more heavily.
For example, you might want to skip using the loyalty card if you’re leaving Las Vegas after a $100 breakfast (breakfast can add up for a family of four). If your average daily spend for the trip was $2,000, it might make sense not to use the card on that final day. On this 3 day trip, the lower spend could take your average spend from $2,000 (for two days) to $700 (for three days).
Since you’re just a number to the computers this could have a negative impact on the offers you receive from the casino. There are some gamblers who pay such close attention to this that they won’t even use their card when playing lower limits games since it will hurt their average.
You’ll want to use the card most of the time but sometimes it might not make sense. Keeping your average spend high will generate better offers to return to Las Vegas. Who doesn’t want better offers and complimentary gifts?


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