Las Vegas has become one of the best cities for foodies in the US. Unfortunately, there’s one meal that’s often forgotten when chefs are creating delicious and decadent menus. A great breakfast is often omitted in a town that cherishes great dinners at night and brunch during the day.
Some will say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A cup of coffee and muffin might be enough to get the day started but that will only last so long. Sometimes a vacation needs a nice, slow, and relaxing breakfast. This full meal can power some people through an entire day of Vegas.
Every casino has a place to grab some eggs or pancakes but not every property offers a great first meal experience. We’ll look at some of the best affordable breakfasts at casinos and the best hangover breakfast that’s a bit of a ride but well worth the trip.

Mon Ami Gabi (Paris Las Vegas)

This is one of the best restaurants for breakfast anywhere in Las Vegas. It has a fantastic combination of atmosphere, coffee, and food. The patio at Mon Ami Gabi is a couple of feet above the Vegas Strip. This offers a great view of the action without people being too close. The patio is great in the morning because the fresh air is well…refreshing.
The coffee at this French bistro is delicious and comes in small cups. The small beverages mean the servers come by often to make sure the cups are full and that everyone is having a good time. The service at Mon Ami Gabi is great – even when the restaurant is packed.
The best part of breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi might be the bacon. The crispy date-glazed bacon is phenomenal. It compliments a traditional breakfast perfectly. You might not need an extra side order of bacon but you can have it for another $5.95.
The food is very good but the real selling point for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi is the fresh air and view of the Vegas Strip.

Della’s Kitchen (Delano)

Delano is often not on the radar for guests visiting Las Vegas. It’s a relatively small boutique hotel is attached to Mandalay Bay. We recently featured Delano because it seems to be overlooked way too frequently.
Della’s Kitchen is the breakfast and lunch restaurant at Delano. A big breakfast can be a long meal and it’s nice not to feel rushed. Since the hotel is on the small side and the restaurant is somewhat hidden it’s not always too busy.
The service is always great and the food is delicious. The French Toast is my favorite breakfast item here and the coffee is always good.

Tom’s Urban (New York-New York)

This is typically seen as a restaurant for lunch and happy hour. Breakfast isn’t cool enough to appear on the menu. They offer a “brunch” menu from open until 2 pm.
The breakfast at Tom’s Urban is very good but is affordable for the Vegas Strip. The food is slightly above average but the service, atmosphere, and coffee are fantastic. The patio seating on the Brooklyn Bridge outside of New York-New York is a great way to start the day.
The fancy Salted Caramel French Toast is my favorite item on the menu. Coffee drinkers will appreciate that they serve Peet’s coffee. There aren’t too many locations in Las Vegas that serve this delicious morning beverage so enjoy it!

Rise & Shine (Off-Strip)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A little hangover can be cured pretty easily. A serious pounding hangover is not something to mess around with. Heading away from the action to the Vegas burbs is worth it.
Rise & Shine is the best breakfast to replenish the system after a night of too much Vegas.
The main focus of the Rise & Shine menu is steak and eggs. They have a bunch of different types of steak & egg meals to fit every mood. The steak might be the best quality you’ll find at an affordable breakfast so every meal is good.
The spice-rubbed ribeye steak chilaquiles is AH-MAY-ZINGGG. All of the portions are huge and finishing the plate isn’t always in the cards. It’s never been in the cards for me.
Rise & Shine has two locations off the Vegas Strip. Both are worth the trip if you have a car or just need an amazing breakfast to reset your trip to Las Vegas.


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