I’m a fairly devoted customer when I find something I like. Exploring new bars, restaurants, stores and attractions are what help make Las Vegas so much fun. After trying everything in a certain area it’s easy to run into a routine of visiting the same places because you know they’re good. This was the case with coffee shops in downtown Las Vegas.
Since I’m a gambler I’m usually under or near the Fremont Street Experience. The coffee options in the casino district are minimal and limited. However, if you leave the canopy you can find a nice variety of places to grab a good cup of coffee within a few blocks. Next time you’re in the downtown casino area, take a few steps out to Fremont East to try a cup of coffee at one of these coffee shops.
The Beat
This is my go to coffee shop on Fremont Street. The coffee is good and the environment is fantastic. Located in the Emergency Arts building across the street from the El Cortez this coffee shop is also a record store, home to the burlesque hall of fame and has delicious food and beer. The coffee shop plays selections from their vintage vinyl collection available to purchase. This is one of the few coffee shops where the music is so good that headphones aren’t needed to block out the sound.
Donut Bar
We’re officially knee deep into the iced coffee season. While the majority of their customers are focused on the unique and large donuts, the coffee is what stands out the most to a coffee drinker. Cold brew and nitro Stumptown coffee go a long way to making a hot summer day tolerable. Grab a donut if you need it but the coffee alone should send you zoomin’ around downtown Las Vegas. Donut Bar is located 124 Carson, a block off Fremont Street.
Inspire News Cafe
Most people seem to think about Inspire Theater first but they shouldn’t forget about the cafe. Inspire News Cafe is a Euro-style cafe and gathering place where it’s not uncommon to see small meetings taking place. Wifi speed is great making this one of the better locations to work in downtown Las Vegas. They serve Illy coffee, which isn’t unique but it’s my favorite mass produced and distributed coffee. The iced espresso beans are perfect for a hot summer afternoon.
The Black Cup
This small coffee stand hits you as soon as you enter Downtown Container Park. Coffee might not be the first thing on your mind when visiting a park and mall but The Black Cup serves delicious locally roasted organic coffee. This is just a stand so you can grab your cup and take it on the go. The wifi at Downtown Container Park might be the fastest in the area and The Black Cup and outdoor environment help to make it a great place to work for a little while. Head to the grassy area in the summer since the metal tables can get a little hot.


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