One of the most annoying expenses that you’ll run into in Las Vegas are ATM fees. It’s almost as if the hotels, casinos, bars and clubs don’t want you to access your money with how high the fees can be. ATM fees in Las Vegas can be anywhere up to $9.99 at certain adult establishments. Casinos and hotels have a more respectable charge between $2 and $5.

Since most of us are locked into the hotels there’s little choice to get money at no charge if we need it. Thankfully there are a few options for lower cost ATM’s.


FREE ATM’s on the Vegas Strip

Free ATM’s on the Vegas Strip aren’t for everyone but if you use Bank of America you can find free ATM’s at the M&M’s Store and inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. BoA is one of the larger banks in America so this should be a good option for many people across the country.

Chase Bank customers will find Free ATM’s inside some of the CVS pharmacies on the Vegas Strip. You’ll find CVS in between Aria and Monte Carlo.

Wells Fargo bankers can find an ATM in between The Quad and Harrah’s on the Vegas Strip. Additionally, you’ll find a host of Wells Fargo ATM’s at McCarran Airport. If you’re a Wells Fargo customer it might be wise to grab money at the airport before heading to your hotel.


CHEAP ATM’s on the Vegas Strip

The ATM at Casino Royale isn’t free but it’s $1 fee is one of the least expensive ATM fees you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. It’s $1 no matter what your bank affiliation. The ATM is located near the casino cage.


FREE and CHEAP ATM’s in Downtown Vegas

You’ll find a variety of bank related ATM’s around Fremont Street and within a block of all of the action. There is one particular ATM that stands out from the rest. There is a $2 ATM just off Fremont Street on Third Street, next to the Beef Jerky Store. If you’re not familiar with the world famous Beef Jerky Store you’ll find it as you walk away from the Fremont Street Experience and towards the Downtown Grand.


FREE and CHEAP ATM’s Off The Vegas Strip

If you rent a car to explore Las Vegas beyond the strip or downtown you’ll have access to just about every national bank and even local credit unions which will save you some money. The world becomes your oyster when you leave the tourist areas. Consider the amount of money you save in ATM fees a small down payment on your car rental.



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