To Eat Or Not To Eat?! That is the question. Not really, Las Vegas has become a destination for people who love to eat!
Las Vegas has evolved to become one of the dining capitals of America. There’s food for people on a budget and food for people looking for the most fabulous meal of their lives. Of course, there’s every kind of dining in between those extremes too.

The Las Vegas Strip casinos have been home to big-name celebrity chef restaurants for years. Some of those celebrities are heading to casinos off the Vegas Strip this year. Bobby Flay will be opening a new restaurant at Palms while Scott Conant will have a restaurant at Red Rock Casino. Last year Guy Fieri took his talent off the Vegas Strip to Rio.
While not television celebrities more and more chefs like Brian Howard have started opening restaurants outside of casinos in Las Vegas. The saying is that the rising tide lifts all boats. That’s the case with restaurants as there are more great chefs and restaurants around Las Vegas than ever before.
Not every restaurant is operated by a big name or celebrity chef. There’s a great variety dining all over town from independent or chain restaurants around Las Vegas and some of the restaurants with the most stars Michelin has to offer.
Las Vegas Food Festivals
There are dining events all over Las Vegas throughout the year. Some food festivals focus on regional cuisine or certain styles of food while others offer a variety of dining choices. If you consider yourself a foodie you might want to begin planning your next visit to Las Vegas around one of these major food events.
Vegas Uncork’d (May 10-13)
This is probably the most ambitious food festival with chefs from all over providing unique experiences. Last year Chefs appearing included Alain Ducasse, Bobby Flay, Buddy Valastro, Charlie Palmer, Giada De Laurentiis, Gordon Ramsay, Guy Savoy, José Andrés, and many more. There are many unique events that take place all over the Vegas Strip. Some may even take place downtown. The events each have different prices and are in different locations.
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Epicurean Affair (May)
This is probably my favorite food event in Las Vegas. It’s one night only and confined to a small location at The Palazzo pool complex. Last year nearly 80 of Las Vegas’ finest restaurants, nightclubs, and beverage companies showcased their goods. While $110 for 3 hours of food and drink (2017 price) seems like a lot on the surface, that’s about the cost of one meal at one of the restaurants highlighted at the event.
I recommend adding the early admission hour if you can swing it. Even if you’re not eating or drinking more the extra hour of comfort is nice. The party by the pool can get very crowded as the night progresses.
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Restaurant Week (June)
This is a favorite restaurant experience for both tourists and locals. Restaurants from all over Las Vegas participate in Restaurant Week. This isn’t a festival as much as a great excuse to explore restaurants all over town. Each restaurant offers a special pre-fixe meal (lunch, dinner, or both) with proceeds going to the Three Square Food Bank.
Not only does money for these meals go to a good cause but it also stays in your pocket. Many of the special menus are offered at a discount from typical restaurant prices. This is the week (or two) to visit if you’re looking to try new restaurants that might typically be out of your budget.
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