Resorts World Las Vegas is the first casino to open on the Vegas Strip in a decade. While two other casinos have opened in Las Vegas over the past year, Resorts World is the only one in this area. The property sits on 88 acres of land. Its size is reminiscent of some of the most popular casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard. I visited a couple of times during its first week being open to the public. The first visits were a bit of a challenge with some soft opening glitches. The problems are being fixed and it’s easy to see the vision of what Resorts World could become.
Resorts World is large and feels like a grand vegas strip casino resort. There’s lots of room to roam between the casino floor, hotels, pool complex, and shopping district. I probably walked 10 miles between my two visits.
I’m going to try something different for this blog post. This will be a free-flowing unplanned article about the opening that will go wherever my mind chooses.
My first memory is that there’s plenty of art throughout the property. The artwork ranges from throwback Stardust imagery to a vintage truck with a piano. I’m currently sitting in the convention space and there are LED screens with flowers and various artistic images.
There’s a great picture location every few feet as you walk around Resorts World. Even the hotel lobbies are pretty and adorned with art. The overall design of Resorts World is beautiful. Between the art and the design, Resorts World is one of the most stunning casinos in Las Vegas.
The entire casino wasn’t ready to go on opening day. I’m glad I let others visit before I went to Resorts World. Patience was important. Last night a bartender told me that the nearest ATM was out of cash one of the first days because the POS (credit card) machines were down.
On the first Sunday, my first winning slot machine ticket was paid in $1 bills. This appeared to be fixed on my second visit.
Resorts World is pitching its tech as a special feature. I’ll wait until all the kinks are worked out before messing around with the new innovations. I love new technology and have been looking forward to testing some of the new things at Resorts World.
Resorts World has so many slot machines that it’s not possible to avoid playing some of the new games. During my first two visits, I didn’t play a single table game. That’s not quite normal for me but the bright lights and loud noises distracted me.
The table games are typical of what you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. You can read about what’s available here.
As previously discussed, there are three Hilton hotel brands at Resorts World. I stayed in the middle-tier Conrad room. The 550 square foot room was spacious and has plenty of outlets to charge devices. Hilton is the main hotel brand while Crockfords is the luxury property.
I explored the huge pool deck and was impressed – especially after the sun came out. There are eight pools including an infinity pool that looks out to the Vegas Strip. This will be a nicer view when construction is finished outside. This pool complex will be a huge draw.
There are 40 food and beverage outlets at Resorts World. I probably visited 10 during the two days. Nothing particularly stood out at the restaurants. I really enjoyed Craig’s Vegan ice cream. The Old Fashioned at the Conrad Las Vegas lobby bar was also delicious.
I’ll explore more of the dining options at Resorts World soon. I’m most looking forward to the steakhouse but that won’t open until after the summer.
Overall, I like what Resorts World has to offer. I expect to enjoy this property even more once they work through these opening week problems.


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