Last year was sort of a dud for enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer. Even though I live here, there wasn’t too much time spent in casinos for the vast majority of the year. As the year was coming to an end, I started making my way back into the real world…the world of casinos and hotels. You may remember my trip to spend a few days working at a Delano suite. I’ve loved the property since it opened but that was my first time staying there. Now that all the amenities are open again, I might have to make another trip to the all-suite hotel at Mandalay Bay.
This year has been sort of a whirlwind of Vegas fun. So many people are visiting for the first time in more than a year and it’s been a great excuse to visit new casinos and old favorites. I was having dinner with a friend the other night and he asked what my favorite hotel rooms are in Las Vegas. The answer wasn’t as easy as it used to be since I went about half a year without staying in a hotel.
My answer came with some recency bias since I’ve been staying in a complimentary suite at the Cosmopolitan for a couple of days every month. In my haste, my answer to his question wasn’t entirely accurate. That said, the Cosmopolitan suite still ranks very high. However, it’s not number one.

Favorite Hotel Rooms In Las Vegas

I have a lot of favorite hotel rooms in Las Vegas depending on budget, location, and purpose. I prefer a suite if the plan is to spend a lot of time in the hotel room. In the past year, I’ve almost exclusively stayed in suites. Even the regular hotel rooms I’ve stayed in happen to have been large.
Having said that, some of my favorite hotel rooms on the Vegas Strip are also some of the smallest rooms. This is in kind of in order but that can change depending on mood. Here’s a quick look at each of my favorite Las Vegas hotel rooms:
The Palazzo: These hotel rooms are all suites. I’ve loved these rooms and this casino since my first visit and that hasn’t changed. It’s been a while since I’ve stayed here but it’s still at the top of my list thanks to some great restaurants and those recently renovated suites. The suites aren’t cheap but they aren’t expensive and there are often solid deals available.
Cosmopolitan: I’ve become obsessed with the Terrace suites in my favorite Vegas Strip casino. They’re huge and, unlike most casino hotels, have outdoor space to relax and enjoy the fresh air.
Delano: The suites have a very clean design and layout. Delano has some of the most affordable suites on the Vegas Strip – as long as you visit when there isn’t an event at Allegiant Stadium. This really is a great place for a working visit now that the restaurant and bar are open again.
Wynn Tower Suite: I visited a friend staying in this suite and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This is the height of semi-affordable luxury to me. If you’re going to splurge, this is a great place to stay.
Encore: Similar to Delano and The Palazzo, all of the rooms at Encore are suites. Some people have reported having wifi connectivity problems here but that’s never been an issue for me. I prefer this tower to Wynn and would rather stay in the suites here than the basic rooms at Wynn.
Conrad at Resorts World: This is the middle tier of the three Hilton hotels at Resorts World. What I especially like about this room is that the bathrooms are relatively small while the main living area is huge and spacious. My first impression of Resorts World is that it should be a great place once the opening bugs are fixed.
Circa: This is the only downtown Las Vegas hotel to make my list of favorite Las Vegas hotel rooms. The entry-level rooms are far and above almost every other property in the area (some like Golden Nugget Rush Tower). The rooms are large and technologically advanced for Las Vegas – let alone downtown. The prices are higher than others downtown but it’s worth it if it fits the budget.
The Cromwell: This small boutique hotel has tiny but absolutely beautiful rooms. This has been one of my favorite casinos on the Vegas Strip to gamble. The pretty rooms make for a great place to crash after too much Pai Gow Poker and bourbon.
The Linq: These rooms are also small but are so well designed they don’t feel cramped. The very low price and great location make The Linq hotel rooms my favorite budget rooms on the Vegas Strip.


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