If you don’t feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle of the huge, somewhat over-played restaurants and bars that everyone goes to when they visit Las Vegas, then I have some great suggestions for you. I have had the pleasure of frequenting a few bars and restaurants that fly under the radar in Las Vegas and I am going to give you a peak into my secret stash.

Firefly is a true favorite restaurant amongst Las Vegas locals. Not to mention the fact that it is a tapas restaurant, which is perhaps the greatest invention ever (you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that or a lot of that). What could be better? A dessert sampler! But, don’t worry because Firefly has that as well. Don’t miss the bacon wrapped dates (always a favorite of mine). Sangria compliments tapas best and I suggest you try that too. The tapas dishes stand out especially the filet mignon sliders that go great with their complimentary bread and sweet butter. My father worked in the hospitality industry and always told me that you can judge the food of a restaurant by the quality of their bread. Firefly is no exception to this rule and passes the test with flying colors.

If you feel like going to an old Las Vegas throw back restaurant for dinner, then try the Bootlegger Bistro. If you want to kiss your date after dinner, you may want to avoid the garlic knots and escargot. But, they are so good, I say go for it because you and your date will be so enthralled with the old Las Vegas feel and will forget about a little smelly breath. The piano player rocks and you can enjoy the best in musical talent Las Vegas has to offer. You never know whom you will see (wink, wink) or who will entertain you because there is always a surprise. I would go as far to say this is the best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. The place has been there since 1949 and they have the food and loyal customer following to prove that it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

As for an under the radar bar, I suggest you try The Lady Silvia downtown. It is located at the bottom of the Soho lofts and little tricky to find, but once you get there it will be well worth it. This is by far one of the best-kept local secrets in Las Vegas and if you are lucky you may get to hear DJ Glaze (https://www.facebook.com/TheLadySilvia) spinning (tell him hello from Melany – he won’t disappoint and may even take your request). Choose a comfortable couch, sit and lounge by the bookshelves and you will feel like you are in an old speakeasy miles away from the Las Vegas strip. The Lady Silvia is a fantastic change of pace from the over-doneclubs on the strip. The laid back crowd makes this one of my favorite spots to hit while I am in town.

I wish you happy eating and drinking Las Vegas local style.


I have so many crazy stories to share about being young, single and working (unknowingly) as a flytrap for ALL the questionable people in the world. I am a single girl living in Beverly Hills but spend at least 39.5% of my time in Las Vegas. I have been told that I need to write a book so I started my blog melanysguydlines.com. From Northern California originally, but moved to LA to work for William Morris, Irving Azoff, MTV, CAA and all the other big dogs in the music business (behind the scenes because I break car windows and make dogs bark when I try and sing). This was fantastic until I realized I was approaching 30 and still wanted to be a groupie in a rock band. So, that brings me to the present where I started writing the blog and sharing my experiences with others who enjoy laughing at themselves, the harsh world, and of course, my stories.
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