Finding good and unique food in Las Vegas on the cheap can be a challenge. While they might offer great food, some of the restaurants on the Vegas Strip can be pricey. Finding a delicious and interesting meal for under $15 is nearly impossible. Sure you can grab a quick bite a food court or get a sandwich for under $10, but you can do that anywhere.

Downtown Las Vegas has become a dining destination for the adventurous. Well, maybe not adventurous but for anyone looking for a meal not created by a celebrity or corporate chef. Moreover, rent is less expensive for businesses in downtown Las Vegas, and that saving is often passed onto the customer.
There plenty of delicious and affordable meals when you leave the Vegas Strip. A couple of years we looked at a few restaurants to eat in downtown Las Vegas for $30 a day. Since one of the restaurants has closed, we’ll look at some new options to eat in downtown Las Vegas for $30 a day.
Breakfast ($11 or $12)
Eat has been popular since the day it opened. However, it’s all the rage for breakfast in downtown Las Vegas now that DuPar’s at the Golden Gate has closed. If breakfast is the most important meal of your day make sure to stop by eat.
The pancakes with apple sausage ($12) are as good as you’ll find in Las Vegas today. If you’d like something a little “lighter” go for the two eggs with bacon ($11). Add a cup of coffee and you’re off to the races.
Lunch ($8.50)
Nacho Daddy has been a long time favorite since opening in downtown Las Vegas. The street tacos are my favorite item on the menu. These tacos are large enough to be filling but not too big to slow things down before heading out to the Fremont Street Experience for fun.
If you visit Nacho Daddy for a late lunch, you can add a discounted Cerveza during Happy Hour. That’s my favorite time to visit Nacho Daddy. While this restaurant has multiple locations in Las Vegas there’s something special about the downtown bar and restaurant.
Dinner ($9)
Visit Pizza Rock during the early Happy Hour (3 pm – 6 pm) or late Happy Hour (10 pm to close) for a great dinner deal at the bar. Start with an order of 3 meatballs for $4 and add a personal pizza with one topping for another $5. Pro-Tip: Keep the sauce from the meatballs to dip your pizza crust in.
The personal pizza is filling enough that you may not need both dishes. However, we have a few extra bucks to spend so let’s add more food! If you’re feeling boozy, Pizza Rock has excellent Happy Hour drink specials that include $2 off an excellent selection of draft beer.
Total ($28.50)
Before tax and tip we have a total of $28.50 at most. You might not even need all of this food. Downtown Las Vegas gives you a great bang for your buck. You can even eat all day in downtown Las Vegas for less than $20! There are plenty of restaurants where you can find great deals in downtown Las Vegas. These are just some favorites that will never get old.


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