Sometimes you just want cheap eats in Las Vegas. Got it. How about eating way more than anyone should for under $20 a day? Got that too.

There is a plethora of fine dining in Las Vegas but you can also find some insanely cheap deals. Once again, we head to Downtown Las Vegas for a day of overstuffed cheap eats. Actually, we give you a smallish lunch so you can breath between stuffing your face. Here’s how you can eat in Las Vegas for under $20 a day.


DennysBreakfast - $4

Start your day off soaking up whatever you had the night before with All-You-Can-Eat pancakes for just $4 from Denny’s at Neonopolis on Fremont Street. You may know this Denny’s from its neon lights, you may know if as ‘the Denny’s where you can get married’ or you may not even know it exists since it’s not in a casino. Denny’s on the corner of Fourth Street and Fremont Street near the entrance for Slotzilla. I recommend you wait a little while after stuffing your face before you fly down Fremont Street. If you’re looking to stretch your budget or just don’t need AYCE pancakes you can have a normal stack of pancakes for only $2. There are plenty of deals on the Denny’s $2-$4-$6-$8 menu. Check for yourself.


Lunch – $3.25-$3.95

Popup PizzaPizza isn’t technically a “light” dining option but on this day it feels that way. After you fill your face with pancakes for breakfast you can have a smaller lunch on the other side of Fremont Street at the Plaza. Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza is located just off the sports book at the Plaza and has some of the best affordable slices of pizza you’ll find in Las Vegas. A slice of cheese pizza is only $3.25. If you’re a big eater you shouldn’t worry about just having a single slice pizza. This should be large enough to get you through the afternoon after having all of the pancakes for breakfast. If you’re looking for a slice with toppings you can still find options under $4. You can see the full Pop Up Pizza menu here.


Prime RibDinner – $11.99

Sometimes it seems as though the most famous food in Las Vegas is Prime Rib. You will find prime rib dinner specials at almost every casino on Fremont Street. Some are cheaper than others but few come with an overwhelming positive impression like the $11.99 Prime Rib dinner at Magnolia’s inside 4 Queens. Your full dinner includes a salad and a side with your Prime Rib. This isn’t the cheapest Prime Rib in downtown Las Vegas but sometimes it’s worth paying a few bucks more for better food. Besides, you’re only spending $20 on meals for the day. Note, you’ll need a 4 Queens players club card for the $11.99 price. The meal is $13.99 without the card.



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